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Don’t add to gridlock


January 20, 2021 Letters to the Editor

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After reading the article on straightening Franklin Road, I checked out the proposed plans on PennDOT’s website: www.penndot.gov.

While many changes are needed, one of those changes include making the intersection with Franklin Road and Cranberry Commons Drive at Lowe’s plaza a right in/right out only. This change creates a major hardship on those who want to exit the plaza and wanting to drive north on Franklin Road, which includes a major portion of Cranberry Township, part of Seven Fields and all points north.

We can see the effect of making an intersection right in/right out by looking at the commercial plaza where the 7-11 used to be. The 7-11 closed and people rarely use this plaza any more because of the difficulty of entering and exiting the plaza.

If a driver wanted to leave Cranberry Commons and go north on Franklin, they would have to exit onto Route. 228 and drive to the intersection at Franklin and turn left, waiting for the light.

We don’t need any more traffic being forced onto Route. 228 and adding to the gridlock that often occurs at that intersection where the road goes from four lanes down to two. Since we haven’t had any investment in expanding Route. 228, this additional traffic will be headache for a long time.

Since Franklin Road is being widened at the intersection with Cranberry Commons Drive, the existing turning movements of drivers turning left into a neutral-turning lane can continue with drivers merging into traffic driving north on Franklin, avoiding issues with sight lines.

Many of the changes are good, but this one is a problem.

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