Adams Township reorganizes for 2021

January 13, 2021 Cranberry Local News

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ADAMS TWP — Adams Township's board of supervisors reorganized Jan. 4, approving people to a number of township positions.

After being appointed temporary chairman for the meeting, Supervisor Russell Ford retained his position as supervisor chairman by unanimous vote.

Supervisor Ron Shemela was again voted vice chairman. Supervisor Linda Lees remains in charge of police. Ford and Shemela were approved as liaisons for the fire department. Ford was also approved as chief administrative officer.

Gary Peaco, township manager, was voted township secretary/treasurer. Andrea Dunton was approved as assistant secretary/treasurer, with Candace Mathews also being voted assistant secretary.

Police personnel

Police department personnel remain the same, with Shawn Anglum as chief of police, Robert Scanlon as assistant chief and Edward Lenz as police sergeant.

John Hock was approved as assistant public safety director and director of public works.

Other personnel

Mike Knox remains the code enforcement officer and Joe Julian is the assistant code enforcement officer. Haley Geyer remains the director of parks and recreation.

Planning commission member Jeffrey McCormick was voted onto the vacancy board, pending solicitor approval.

Legal representatives

The supervisors also approved solicitors for a number of township representation positions.

Mike Gallagher remains the solicitor for the supervisor and planning commission boards, at a rate of $180 an hour.

The zoning hearing solicitor is Slade Miller, at a rate of $175 an hour. Tom King was approved at a rate of $185 an hour as labor solicitor.

The solicitor position for special counsel was left vacant.

Planning and water

Three members of the township planning commission were up for reapproval. The supervisors unanimously voted to retain McCormick, Martin McKinney and Marilyn Watson.

Ford said McKinney, who is manager of traffic communications for Cranberry Township during the day, is a particular asset.

“Marty McKinney is invaluable to this township,” Ford said.

Shemela and Supervisor Darryl Brandon were approved to the township water authority board.


The supervisors voted to give non-uniform employees the option to roll over remaining 2020 sick days to 2021, in lieu of getting paid for not taking them.

Peaco explained considering the risks associated with COVID-19, this might help employees receive supplemental pay if they contract the virus this year and miss weeks of work.

“There's only a few (eligible),” Peaco said.

This practice wasn't previously in place. The arraignment could be revisited each year, according to Ford.

Police and public works employees can already roll over sick days, per their respective contracts.

Tax enactments and money

The supervisors enacted 2021 taxes Jan. 4. There are no increases and there have been no increases since 1994 or 1995, according to Ford.

The millage rate remains 3.75 mills. Occupation tax is $10. Real estate transfer tax is .5% and earned income tax (EIT) is .5%.

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Samantha Beal

Samantha Beal