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Court challenges dismissed


November 25, 2020 Letters to the Editor

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Do you wonder why all the court challenges to the courts concerning the elections are being dismissed?

It is because when you are in court you have to have proof of your allegations. Anyone can call a press conference and make wild claims about voter fraud, observers denied access, lost ballots, dead people voting, etc. but when you lie about it in court, it can be a felony.

That is why one of Trump lawyers had to admit in court when questioned about his claim that GOP observers weren’t allowed in the room, he had to concede there were “a nonzero number of people in the room.”

Bush V. Gore was because of 537 defective ballots in Florida as compared to Trump’s attempt to overturn thousands of ballots in five different states.

Seventy-nine million people voted for Joe Biden as our next president … this is a FACT.

Quit playing politics, put country above party, release the funds, allow security briefings, and get on with the peaceful transfer of power.

Karen Barbati, Harmony

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