Amazing angler: Cranberry 12-year-old consistently catching big fish at Moraine, Graham Park

July 31, 2020 Cranberry Local Sports

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Sienna Fiore, 12, of Cranberry Township, shows off one of her big catches at Lake Arthur. She has been fishing since age 2.

CRANBERRY TWP — Every fisherman dreams of catching the big one.

Sienna Fiore has nearly caught a few bigger than herself — and she's only 12.

The Cranberry Township resident goes fishing as often as six days a week, often times on grandparents' Chip and Sharon Boone's boat on Lake Arthur.

“If it was up to her, we'd be out there every day,” her grandmother said.

Sienna's entire family enjoys fishing. Her parents take her fishing at Graham Park as well.

“Sienna's been fishing since she was 2 years old,” Sharon Boone said. “She has a knack for it. We take all (eight) of our grandchildren fishing, but the others are pretty much done after 10 minutes.

“Sienna begs us to stay on the lake. She always says 'one more cast, just one more cast ...'”

Sienna stands only 4-foot-8. She recently caught a 40-inch muskie on Lake Arthur, but the family couldn't get it in the boat.

“It was bigger than our net,” Sienna said.

She's caught 30-inch catfish, five-pound bass, etc.

“You never know what you're gonna pull out of the water,” Sienna said. “That's what I love the most about fishing, the mystery of it.

“And when we're on the water, the whole family is happy, we're all talking ... It's fun.”

A former soccer player, Sienna is all about fishing now.

Even when school resumes, she's not anticipating any reduction in her angling days.

“It depends on my school work,” she said, laughing.

Sienna uses sausage, worms, hot dogs and lures as bait. She and her father “cultivate their own bait,” Boone said.

“Worms don't bother me,” Sienna said. “I'm used to touching them.”

She's used to handling big fish as well.

While Sienna hasn't entered any fishing contests yet, that day is probably coming.

“We've talked about doing that,” Sienna said. “I would love to do that.”

And that doesn't surprise her grandmother.

“She absolutely loves it,” Boone said. “We'd be fishing alongside her and Sienna's the one who always catches the big fish. You either have it or you don't.

“If that girl had the choice to do anything in this world she wants, she would go fishing. Clearly, it is her passion.”

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