Middlesex police seek help finding group of vandals

July 29, 2020 Cranberry Local News

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Middlesex Township police asked the public for help in finding a group of people who stole, vandalized and caused mischief in a township neighborhood.

Police have fielded calls from multiple residents living on Dwellington and Colonial drives who found their properties in disarray.

“This just happened overnight from Saturday into Sunday,” said Sgt. Randy Davison said. “This is just a one-time incident.”

Davison said victims reported flowers being pulled out and damaged ornaments, decorations and mailboxes. He said one victim told police the vandals found a way to pop the hood on their vehicle and pulled off the caps to all of the vehicle's fluids.

“They pushed someone's utility trailer down a hill and into another car,” Davison said.

While investigating, police received some images showing a group of about five people that might have been involved in the havoc. Most of the photos, taken from security cameras or door cameras, were blurry, but the department posted the clearest photo of two people on its Facebook page.

Davison said the individuals might be in their late teens or early 20s.

“We don't know who any of them are,” he said.

The police are accepting tips, which can be made by calling the Middlesex Township Police Department at 724-898-3533.

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