Adams Twp. planners receive look at Shell station, store plan

July 3, 2020 Cranberry Local News

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ADAMS TWP — Planning commission members cracked open plans Wednesday night for a proposed Shell station and convenience store in the Whitetail Meadows development.

A sketch of the Shell site planned along Scharberry Lane and Aster Way south of Route 228 was presented to the commission in May.

Jen Breuninger, of the engineering firm AECOM, presented more details about the project — which she called a “prototype.”

“We are installing a 2,400-square-foot convenience store and a 1,000- square-foot car wash,” Breuninger said. “You guys are getting first in the market.”

“It's nice to see that development,” said Martin McKinney, planning commission chairman. “I'm happy for that.”

Breuninger indicated the site would have two underground storage tanks and stream mitigation. Planned safety measures exceed Pennsylvania's average requirements, according to Breuninger.

“I don't know how familiar you guys are with Shell Oil,” she said. “But their safety and security standards are pretty high, as far as containment and things like that.”

The discussion followed the planning commission's approval of a minor subdivision that split one parcel in Whitetail Meadows.

Explaining the subdivision, Tony Clerici of Larson Design Group indicated the Shell site would be on one of the two parcels.

“The Shell team and I, we've been working pretty closely together to coordinate their development with the subdivision,” he said.

Clerici said comments made on the subdivision by township engineer Ron Olsen have been addressed. “We added the site features, the paving limits (and) the utilities onto the plan,” he said.

Clerici said a stormwater easement on one of the two new parcels was also added to the paperwork. Any run-off from the Shell site will be taken to a detention basin built before the station and convenience store, according to Clerici.

“There will be no new stormwater facilities other than pipes and inlets,” Clerici said.

Olsen added both of the new lots will have land developments, meaning they'll be returning to the township for review.

Clerici said at this time, there are no official plans for the second lot.

Breuninger said the Shell site plans for sidewalks on the Scharberry Lane-Aster Way sides of the location. A landscape easement is slated along Route 228. There would be over 14 parking spots, according to Breuninger, with “cross access points” leading into the other subdivided lot to allow for better traffic flow.

Township solicitor Sean Gallagher suggested subdivision approval be granted contingent on receipt of the Butler County Planning Commission's approval and the supervisors' approval of the corrective subdivision plan at its next meeting.

Approval of the Shell plan was tabled. Gallagher reminded the Shell project representatives to send the plan to the county planning commission as soon as possible.

“We're not going to be able to rule on much until the professionals get a chance to read through it,” McKinney said.

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Samantha Beal

Samantha Beal