Adams Township

June 10, 2020 Cranberry Living

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ADAMS TWP — Supervisors approved a number of items at their Monday night meeting:

Rescheduled a public hearing for the vacation of Hespenheide Road to 6:55 p.m. June 22

Ratified a June 1 emergency meeting and action taken at it

Transferred $87,000 from the general checking account to the general fund money market

Transferred $14,700 from the recreation fee money market to the park fund checking account

Advertising for bids for sealcoat and paving on Ridge and Davidson roads

Eliminated a public works position

Consolidated two parcels on the Duffy property along Myoma Road

Resolution 2020-18, which renews the date on the Three Degree Road turnback resolution with PennDOT

Resolution 2020-19, which pledges $2 million over 10 years toward the Route 228 widening project if the county can secure federal funding

A resolution to reserve the right to bill property owners for engineering costs associated with disputes if the township is brought into the situation

A resolution to have township solicitor Michael Gallagher modify the burn ordinance to specify when recreational fires are permitted.

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