Adams Township opens parks, fields

New destination playground advances

June 10, 2020 Cranberry Living

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ADAMS TWP — The county “went green” Friday as the state moved into the latest reopening phase of the coronavirus pandemic.

Adams Township also is turning green — with open parks and fields.

“We have opened all park facilities,” said Haley Geyer, parks and recreation director, Monday at the supervisors meeting. “That includes pavilion rentals, our playgrounds, all sports fields, our new restroom facilities.”

Supervisor Chairman Russell Ford asked Geyer how the new bathrooms are being received by the public. Earlier this year, the township approved an $8,400 bid from H&N Concrete for the bathroom renovation project.

Geyer said visitors are finding the facility useful.

“It's self-timed, which is very nice,” Geyer said. “It opens at 7 a.m. and it closes at 9 p.m.”

“It's beautiful,” said Rita Dorsch, a Mars School Board member attending the meeting. “I haven't hit every stall, but I'm working on it.”

Geyer said the area around the bathrooms will be landscaped.

Geyer said the concrete was laid Monday for the township park's new destination playground.

In April, supervisors approved a $23,330 bid from Aiken Concrete Construction for the project.

“That (concrete) will sit for a week,” Geyer said. “We'll hopefully start putting the equipment together next week.”

After the playground equipment is installed, a rubber surface will be poured. Geyer hopes the entire project will be completed by July.

Supervisors approved a motion to donate the park's old playground equipment to the Kingsridge Homeowners' Association (HOA).

Ford said the HOA asked the township if it could buy the old equipment once the destination playground was installed.

In light of past problems many Kingsridge residents had with the developer, Ford said selling the equipment to the HOA would be doing them a disservice.

“We didn't feel it was probably right to charge them,” Ford said.

Ford said the HOA should retrieve the equipment soon. Supervisor Clay Morrow said he thought the move was a good one.

“That's a great resolution,” Morrow said, “for some of the issues they had with the builder.”

Road striping

Resident Rob Crouthamel asked the township during public comment what plans were in place for road markings in the Hickory Glen housing development.

Crouthamel said remaining work on the development has included the widening of Pearce Road to 24 feet across.

“I think the remaining step is to get the pedestrian bike lane striped on the road,” Crouthamel said. “Because what we now have is a 24-foot highway, just begging for speed.”

Crouthamel told supervisors between regular traffic and construction vehicles, there is a concern for people — particularly children — biking on the road.

“The sooner we can get that road striped, the better,” Crouthamel said.

He added he doesn't care whether the township or the developer is responsible for marking the road as long as it gets done. Crouthamel also asked if signs indicating pedestrian use could be installed.

Ford said the area earmarked for cycling will also be used as walking trails. As to marking the area, Ford said the township knew who was responsible.

“That's obviously the developer's responsibility,” Ford said. “But we have been out there.”

Ford said the township has started talking about trimming trees along the road, but he isn't sure if the developer is ready to stripe. Township manager Gary Peaco said he thought the developer is.

As to signage, Ford suggested Crouthamel send an example of what he meant for a pedestrian use marker to Peaco. The township can probably install the signs itself, Ford said.

Other work

Lights at the baseball field are installed and in use, Geyer said. She said local ball clubs expect to start playing Monday.

Discussing other development, Ford said the township “quietly” opened Park Ford Road before June 2. The township expects the access road to remain open.

“We do not feel that any further construction is going to require us to close it,” Ford said.

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Samantha Beal

Samantha Beal