BHS chief applauds health care professionals

COVID-19 heroes earn admiration

April 29, 2020 Cranberry Living

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“We got this” has been the anthem throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and nothing exemplifies it better than the health care professionals keeping us healthy.

“Here and everywhere, these men and women have stepped up to the plate,” said Ken DeFurio, Butler Health System CEO and president. “They're just to be admired. They've done a tremendous job.”

DeFurio said he has watched over the course of the past several months as doctors, nurses and physician assistants, among countless other front-line workers, prepared and cared for patients who contracted the coronavirus.

“I can't say enough about all of our health care workers, especially those who are on the front lines,” he said. “These are the people who have been in the rooms at Butler or any other hospital.”

DeFurio said others also deserve the same respect. Some are in the rooms where people are sick, like the sanitation crews and maintenance teams who keep the rooms sterile and the building healthy. Some, like IT people, might not step foot into a room, but their knowledge helps COVID-19 patients video call their families and they work long hours to make sure the network keeps working.

“They're really the unsung heroes,” DeFurio said. “Everybody has really chipped in.”

DeFurio commended not only his colleagues at BHS but also the health care community at large. He said every day he is on a call with administrators, doctors and staff from other hospitals.

“They just handled it like true professionals and focused on the task at hand, which is treating these patients,” DeFurio said. “All of the front-line staff certainly. Anybody in the health care system, and I mean beyond Butler, this has been a brilliant effort from the broader health care community to keep people safe and taken care of.”

DeFurio said collaboration on multiple levels has been instrumental in fending off the virus, and he applauds everyone who has stepped up, including the community.

DeFurio said the community has donated personal protective equipment, food and money toward combatting the virus. He said also by complying with social distancing and good hygiene, they have also helped the health care system by helping themselves.

“When people have needed to help each other out, they certainly have,” he said.

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Nathan Bottiger

Nathan Bottiger

Nathan Bottiger graduated with a degree in journalism in 2015 from Pitt-Johnstown. A business reporter, he also covers Slippery Rock borough, township and school district.