CBD product shop opening in Adams Ridge

January 4, 2020 Cranberry Living

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Hemporia, a new CBD superstore opening this month in the Shoppes at Adams Ridge, sells a number of health and beauty products produced and processed in-house. Hemporia has locations in North and South Carolina, as well as Clarion, Clarion County.

ADAMS TWP — Hemporia, a CBD product superstore, is coming to Butler County.

Dawn Ranalli, who lives near the Shoppes at Adams Ridge, said she's excited to be opening a location in the Mars area this month.

“What I hope to bring is an awareness for what these products can do for people,” said Ranalli, who is the store manager. “It's a healthy way to help your body maintain homeostasis.”

Hemporia has locations in North and South Carolina, as well as Clarion, Clarion County. Many of the CBD products it sells are extracted and processed in-house.

While Hemporia also carries lines from a few “trusted brands,” Ranalli said the company hopes to eventually carry all of its own products.

CBD products, according to Ranalli, can be used for day-to-day health care or to treat conditions like arthritis. Ranalli said she uses some products to soothe cartilage damage in her knees.

“I know that it's a quality product,” Ranalli said. “It really does have a lot of medicinal benefits.”

Ranalli said Hemporia is different from other CBD sellers because it is part of the CBD extraction process.

“The big thing about CBD right now is you can get it in the gas station,” Ranalli said. “But you don't really know what you're getting.”

To be considered CBD products, items need to be properly processed.

According to Ranalli, products sold by Hemporia come from cannabis plants grown in “quality” conditions like old tobacco fields.

Ranalli hopes to use Hemporia to overcome the stigmas associated with CBD products.

Though CBD products are extracted from cannabis plants, they aren't designed to give users a drug-induced high. Government regulations limit how much THC CBD products can have.

“If the plant is not under the (required) amount of THC ... then we make sure in our final testing that we are well below that,” Ranalli said.

Hemporia will carry health and beauty products, including bath bombs, soaps, oils, creams, shampoos and skin care items.

Products for pets are also sold.

Hemporia's grand opening is set from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Jan. 11 at 900 Adams Shoppes.

The first 25 visitors will receive free gift bags.

“I hope to give (visitors) a spa feel,” Ranalli said. “A good, holistic feel when you walk through the door.”

More information about CBD products is available by emailing Hemporia at hsuperstore20@gmail.com.

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Samantha Beal

Samantha Beal