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Liberal media slanted against Trump on impeachment hearings


December 3, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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I would like to comment on a letter to the editor by Mary Lee Hart from Nov. 22. She was very disappointed with, what she called, were snide remarks made by John Kass in a Nov. 19 article about the Trump impeachment hearings and his personal comments about Congressman Adam Schiff. Mr. Kass called the hearings, headed by Schiff, a farce.

Adam Schiff is probably the most progressive and partisan Democrat in Congress; the person least likely to be fair and objective.

Some readers must not read all the Associated Press articles in the Butler Eagle daily that are full of snide remarks, disingenuous statements, and sarcasm directed at Republicans, conservatives, or anyone who disagrees with their liberal values on politics or climate change.

Do they listen to WISR 680 AM radio and their liberal biased CBS newscasts hourly which are consistently editorialized to mock conservatives?

Not enough? Listen to commentator David Ross on that same local radio station.

He is the quintessential Trump hater making snide remarks about President Trump almost daily.

Butler County gave President Trump a 37 point landslide victory in 2016. You would never assume that if you only received your national news coverage from our local newspaper and radio station.

It is a shame that our liberal neighbors had to be exposed, although infrequently, to opinions that differ from their own.

However, maybe now they know, how the overwhelmingly conservative population in this area feels on a daily basis.

Larry Krause, Butler

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