GOP official: Unsuccessful candidate’s attempt to ‘clear the air’ false, misleading

November 27, 2019 Cranberry Local News

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The Nov. 9 issue of the Butler Eagle contained a mini novella written by former candidate John Neurohr in an attempt to “clear the air” concerning his recent failure to win a seat on the Mars Area School Board.

Since my name was mentioned several times, I am responding to a few of the many false and misleading statements that were published.

Out of respect for ink, paper and column inches, I will contain my comments to just a few key points.

John states “A free exchange of ideas — and the potential that working across ideological lines could make a community stronger” — was a foreign concept to the Butler County Republican Committee. That is simply not true.

On primary election day, I stood at the polls with a parent of one of the Mars Community Change candidates.

There, I stated my willingness to meet with John to “work across ideological lines” and potentially come to an agreement that effectively would have ended the campaign. I gave this person both of my business phone numbers, my home and cellphone numbers, and two email addresses.

I started in business at age 19 after selling my baseball card collection and buying some printing equipment. Thirty-six years later, I still manage that same business.

Most businesses — even those started by experienced entrepreneurs — don’t survive a fraction of that time. And one doesn’t survive this long by making irrational and impulsive decisions or statements, or by spending money frivolously. I am friendly, open, and fair with my customers and competitors and always willing to meet more than halfway to resolve an issue or difference of opinion. I was willing to provide John that same courtesy.

Unfortunately, nobody ever called.

The Mars Community Change candidates spent thousands of dollars running a campaign to convince 50 percent plus one to vote for them. The spending was completely unnecessary as they only needed to convince one person — me — that they were not out to project a liberal-progressive agenda onto the Mars Area School District. Had they done this, the election may have had a very different outcome.

John seems to think that the GOP organizations mentioned “pulled out all of the stops” in an election where political parties shouldn’t have mattered. When the power to raise taxes is at stake, party does matter.

The Republican party supports limited government and free market capitalism — an economic system that has raised the standard of living of more people in the world than any other. The Democratic Party supports ever-expanding government, higher taxes, and mountains of regulations which are poisonous to the entrepreneurial spirit.

That party also promotes the destruction of the social fabric of the greatest nation on Earth — in their words, actions, and especially their music. If they love America as I do, they have an odd way of showing it.

John’s political views are very closely aligned to the Democratic Party, and as it relates to the Nov. 5 election, pulling out some stops to protect and maintain the top-rated, award-winning school district most of us are so proud of was a very appropriate course of action.

John’s well-documented professional history with progressive advocacy organizations and the multiple citations from Mars Community Change’s publicly available campaign finance reports demonstrate a willful association with progressive marketing agencies and specialists to support their campaign.

Finally, John attempts to deny being planted here to organize against Republicans in general and state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe in particular. He wants us to believe he is just another guy in the neighborhood — kind of like Bill Ayers in Chicago. However, a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article published on May 18, 2015, reported, “John Neurohr of Valencia and like-minded residents of the North Hills area created (political action committee) Vision for a Better Community and tapped social media and data in a bid to upend State Representative Daryl Metcalfe, R-Cranberry.”

According to his Nov. 9 Eagle letter, John moved to Valencia in early November of 2013 and apparently within months, before all of the boxes were unpacked, managed to meet several politically like-minded friends and organized a PAC to “upend” a state representative. Furthermore, his PAC purchased the services of Aristotle — quite possibly the most sophisticated voter identification and database consulting firm in the world — to target voters most likely to oppose Representative Metcalfe. Who does that??

Someone who was planted here to be a community organizer against our conservative values.

Paul T. Adametz Area Chairman, Southwest Region, Butler County Republican Committee

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