Women's Ministry makes holiday cards for elderly

November 27, 2019 Cranberry Local News

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Volunteers on the Women's Ministry team work on Thanksgiving cards at Dutilh Church.

CRANBERRY TWP — With each maple-colored leaf and orange pumpkin sticker, Sue Woods created holiday magic.

“I love being with the other people. This is a nice ministry,” said Woods, an 11-year member of Dutilh United Methodist Church. “It will reach a lot of people who might not get a card.”

Woods was one of more than 20 women and their children who made Thanksgiving cards as part of the Women's Ministry team Friday at Dutilh Church, 1270 Dutilh Road, for about 80 to 100 elderly residents at the Cranberry Place nursing home, a part of UPMC Senior Communities.

They also made cards for about 20 homebound residents in the community,

The ministry work allows the women to grow closer in faith while spreading God's love to others and making other people happy by sending cards, said Karen Kraft, co-chair and six-year member at Dutilh Church.

“I love making cards,” Kraft said. “I find that people talk and get to know each other better if they have something they're all working on.”

Allison Konopka and her mother, Maureen Konopka of Cranberry Township, make cards.

Last year was the first time the Women's Ministry gathered to make cards, Kraft said. The 50 cards they created were doubled this year as they made a card for each resident at Cranberry Place.

Although people love making cards, giving is the best part, she said.

Thought goes into each handmade creation.

Naomi Parkinson of Cranberry works on holiday cards at Dutilh Church on Friday November 8, 2019

Brittaney Lucas, co-chair and seven-year member of Dutilh Church, brought her two daughters, ages 7 and 6, to make cards.

Around the room, Lucas saw all ages spanning the generations, which is one aspect she enjoys about the event, she said.

“It's a relaxing evening that we can get together, get to know each other, have good fellowship and spread joy and love,” Lucas said. “Being able to send out the cards, it means a lot to me because when you know that someone is confined to their home they don't get the visitors, they don't have the family in town, especially the folks at the nursing home.”

Allison Konopka of Cranberry Township pitches in to make cards for nursing home residents.

The Women's Ministry provides a variety of outreach and community work for youth and with the Victim Outreach Intervention Center, or VOICe, and Mars Home for Youth.

“We had this opportunity that we saw where we could reach out to the elderly,” Lucas said.

Each dot of glue and sticker has a piece of heart and holiday cheer, she said.

“It doesn't matter if it's perfect or my 6-year-old is doing it, they're going to feel joy,” she said. “Anytime someone feels happiness, joy or love — all of those good things come from God.”

Co-Chair Brittaney Lucas of Cranberry Township works with children on Thanksgiving cards.

Co-Chair Brittaney Lucas of Cranberry made Thankgiving cards s as part of the Women’s Ministry team Nov. 8 at Dutilh Church.

Joanne Melder of Cranberry Township works on holiday cards at Dutilh Church.

Jessica Humphries and Dale Gold of Cranberry Township work on holiday cards at Dutilh Church earlier this month.

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