Adams planners get 1st glimpse of credit union

November 7, 2019 Cranberry Local News

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ADAMS TWP — The planning commission Wednesday tabled approval for Armco Credit Union to open a location at Aster Way in Whitetail Meadows, with plans to give preliminary and final approval next month — pending certain updates are made to the plan.

“It's a nice little development,” said Martin McKinney, planning commission chairman. “You're going to be the first commercial development in the PRD.”

Project engineer Tony Clerici of Larson Design Group explained the plan to commission members. The credit union will be south of Route 228 across from Lifepointe Alliance Church.

Clerici said the property would have one-way roads in and out of the credit union parking lot onto Scharberry Lane.

“Better traffic flow for ourselves,” said Randy Cypher, Armco CEO. Drivers would be able to turn both left and right out of the parking lot.

Clerici said he checked township ordinances to make sure the parking lot entrance met the minimum footage requirement from the Myoma Road intersection.

Township ordinance says commercial entrances need to be at least 100 feet away. The credit union entrance is 111 feet away.

McKinney said making parking lot entrances one way instead of two addressed several comments on the plan from the engineer.

“This is not a big deal,” he said.

The board was more concerned about Armco's proposed automotive display.

“One of Armco's biggest business generators is auto loans,” Clerici said. “The plan was to show a couple new display cars outside the building.”

“The idea was local auto dealers could display a car for a month or a week,” Cypher said. “Like you walk into a mall and they have a car in the middle of the mall hallway.”

“It would be advertisement for automobile dealers on your lot?” McKinney asked.

“Yes,” Cypher said.

The board discussed whether that sort of advertising was permitted for a bank. Township solicitor Sean Gallagher said he'd need to review township code.

“That's a unique request,” McKinney said.

“That's something that doesn't have to be done,” Cypher said. “We're happy to comply with whatever the law is.”

Clerici said that part of the plan would be waived.

Commissioners talked about the fact some roads may be mislabeled on the credit union's plan. Township engineer Ron Olsen told the board Scharberry Lane is actually broken up across the township due to development.

“There is some confusion about what is Scharberry Lane and what is Aster (Way),” Olsen said. “We have Scharberry disjointed in the township now.”

Olsen suggested the developer and township will need to work together before Armco breaks ground to assign proper street names. McKinney said that was a discussion for another time.

“I think we need to take that back to the developer and have him address that,” McKinney said. “Give these people some proper street names.”

The board told Clerici to make sure the credit union's sidewalks meet new federal ADA regulations.

Olsen said this means sidewalks not near the building need to be five feet wide, or have special sections for wheelchairs to pass every 200 feet if sidewalks are four feet. Sidewalks around buildings must be five feet. Clerici said the sidewalks could be altered.

“It's a nice-looking building,” McKinney said. “We've been waiting a long time to get something off the ground in Whitetail.”

The board tabled preliminary approval of the plan. If the township's concerns are addressed by the next meeting, it could receive preliminary and final approval.

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Samantha Beal

Samantha Beal