October 9, 2019 Cranberry Local News

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Adams Township

ADAMS TWP — Mars Area School Board took official action on several items on Oct. 1.

The board approved:

- Removing Christine Petrini as a mentor teacher for Kyle Hamilton

- Chad McCoy, Teresa Coleman, Colleen Tosadori and Dave Mayer as mentor teachers for newly hired teachers Kyle Hamilton, Kimberly Padovani, Stephanie Hnat and Kristen Stash

- Cetta Richards, Marsha McGroarty, Kimberly Thomas, Jennifer McClelland, Chad McCoy, Jessica Semler, Amanda Morello and Justin Hartzell as Children’s Theater instructors with a stipend of $124.88 each

- The resignations of paraprofessionals Bethany Ratcliffe and Mary Kay Gaura

- A formal employment agreement for police officers Henry Cacurak, David Fries and Daniel Herr

- An independent contractor agreement for Gerald Markle as a substitute police officer

- Professional employee contracts for Kyle Hamilton, Courtney Hyde, Sheela Miller, Deanne Rapp and Jill Schiller for achieving tenure

- Debra Black as a part-time middle school custodian

- Erika Brunner as a primary center paraprofessional

- Josh Schwoebel for a supplemental position for the district sign board and MASD-TV for a $4,000 stipend

- Mark Rodgers as a seventh-grade band director for a $999 stipend; Simon Neubert as an orchestra director for a $999 stipend; Jennifer Kennedy as a co-chorus director for a $499.50 stipend; Melissa Carchedi as a co-chorus director for a $499.50 stipend; Michael Fugh as a co-elementary intramural director for a $787.50 stipend; and Julie Cunningham as a co-elementary intramural director for a $787.50 stipend

- Drusilla Sisson as a bus driver and John Pukylo as a van driver for A.J. Myers & Sons

- Taylor Birckbichler as a primary center paraprofessional

- Melissa Nichol as a long-term substitute for special education teacher Maria Kuchta

- Hiring three full-time paraprofessionals for the primary center and elementary school

- Jaycen McKenzie as a full-time primary center custodian

- Brenda McTigue as a full-time high school custodian

- Erin Bridge as a seventh-grade girls basketball coach for a $3,987 stipend

- Michael Hill as an eighth-grade girls basketball coach for a $3,987 stipend

- Kristen Stash as an assistant girls basketball coach for a $3,150 stipend

- Joe Cioc as a co-ticket manager for a $3,341 stipend

- Kara Eckert using anonymous student benchmark assessment data as part of her doctoral research, to be conducted outside school hours

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