Adams Township residents applaud better communication

September 18, 2019 Cranberry Local News

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ADAMS TWP — After attending meetings the last two months to ask for better communication from township officials on several fronts, Adams residents thanked supervisors at the Sept. 9 meeting.

Cypress Fields developer Terry Bove reported on recent actions taken to stem water overflow from the development near a sewage pump station. The final installation — replacing an 18-inch pipe with a 36-inch pipe — has been taken. Two new catch basins and two drain guards also were installed.

“We certainly appreciate the coordinated efforts with the township,” Bove said. “It seems to be working quite well.”

Bove did recognize the pump station had trouble draining during a rainstorm Sept. 1. He said the new parts eventually worked.

Tina Wilson — who asked supervisors in August to share information about the pump station — said she has been able to talk to the township manager, engineer and code enforcement officer.

“The reason I was going to see you tonight was exactly what Mr. Bove was reporting on,” Wilson said. “I just want to thank (everyone) for staying on top of this situation.”

Dave Rosen said he tried locating the township budget on the township website, but couldn’t find it. He asked if it could be posted.

Supervisor Russell Ford said the budget should be and will be posted online.

“Maybe it’s me?” Rosen asked.

“No, no,” Ford said.

“Oh, it’s you,” Rosen said.

“It’s us,” Ford said. “Baby steps.”

Ford thanked Rosen for coming to the meeting.

“We appreciate you bringing that up,” Ford said. “That is definitely something that is public knowledge.”

Ford presented the public with an update on savings associated with keeping mowing in-house this year instead of contracting it.

According to Ford, the township has saved $10,473 in mowing from April through August.

“We’re continuing to look for efficiencies,” Ford said.

“Are there more efficiencies our staff and our township can take even further?” Rosen asked.

Ford said the township continues to analyze communication and operations.

“We’re not perfect, and we’re nowhere near there,” Ford said. “But we’re a lot further ahead than where we were.”

Residents said they appreciated the work maintenance employees have done and updates from officials.

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