September 18, 2019 Cranberry Local News

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Adams Township

Adams Township supervisors unanimously approved the following items at a meeting Sept. 9:

Tabling approval of the Werner subdivision, which breaks a 125-acre property into 105-acre and 20-acre plots, until owner signatures are obtained

Reapproving the Hickory Glen plan to include a note that the neighboring property is agriculturally secured

Transferring $5,700 from the recreational fee money market to the park checking account and $217,000 from the general fund money market to the general fund checking account

Renewing a certificate of deposit with Mars Bank at 2.25 percent for 11 months

Releasing $91,123.05 from the Hickory Glen bond

Releasing $39,997.40 from the Stoneridge bond

Releasing MarkWest from the Marburger Road bond

Sending township representatives to the Butler County Association of Township Officials safety seminar Oct. 9, and sending two Adams Township police officers to a seminar this fall at a cost of $85 each

Putting a fire rescue truck up for bid to be sold at a minimum bid of $4,000

Accepting the resignation of Bill Weaver from the building appeals board

Closing the township’s account with Iron Mountain to continue document storage in the township office.

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