September 11, 2019 Cranberry Local News

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Ronald Schuler trustee to Mary Minnock at 215-10 Adams Pointe Blvd. for $271,250.

Antonia Sanchez to Mary Beth Malecki at 219-12 Adams Pointe Blvd. for $123,000.

Brandon Mueller to HPA US at 712 Bush Drive for $245,000.

Bernard Sulkowski to Jennifer and Michael Zatchey at 172 Camp Trees Road for $728,000.

Simon Najjar to Jeffrey and Gerald Spadafore at 273 Cliffside Drive for $442,000.

Enclave Land Partners to Richard and Jessica Gable at 340 Dobson Road for $40,000.

James Post to Jamie and April Stilley at 305 Green Lake Drive for $738,075.

Paul Ford to Naman Salibi Revocable Trust at Hutchman Road for $500,000.

Anne Lewis to Chad and Paige Tudor at 299 Hutchman Road for $290,000.

Jay Panzarella to George and Jill Getsy at 439 Lakes Drive for $599,900.

Brennan Builders to John and Janet Monahan at 302 Lakeview Court for $218,000.

Judith Giacomino to Jeff and Beth Anne Bergman at 314 Myoma Road for $550,000.

Camp Trees Partners to Anthony Tomkovicz Jr. and Dana Tomkovicz at 311 Red Oak Court for $731,515.

Sam Edward Biasucci to George and Sallie Metelsky at 4403 Senate Court for $490,000.

David Kumpfmiller to Andrew Jay and Angela Stewart at 174 Brickyard Road for $200,000.

Robert Simononis to Megan Stepnoski and Matthew Clarkson at 204 Broadstone Drive for $2,800,000.

Alec Jernstedt to Robert Slatniske and Emily Lockhaiser at 2701 Pointe View Drive for $304,000.

Estate of Thomas Wilson Jr. to Dennis Durst at 4001 Senate Court for $410,000.

Stephen Arbuckle to Gregg Soergel and Tina Hadley at 116 Southern Valley Court for $212,000.

Suellen Emig to Oleg and Edward Shenderovich at 803 Tahoe Lane for $875,000.

Julie Farabaugh Kaplan to Paul and Maria Sfanos at 902 White Water Drive for $403,500.


Pitell Contracting to Denis and Susan Frost at 145 Shelton Place Drive for $278,903.


Matthew Stewart to Ronald and Melissa Paule at 305 Orial Court for $460,000.

Richard Gentile to Chad and Whitney Cammisa at 145 Semiconon Lane for $290,000.

Estate of Corita Bauldoff to Ralph and Sally Cooper at 1031 Springfield Court for $249,000.


Erica Nicoll to Dessarae and Douglas Shupe at 407 Auburn Drive for $351,000.

Judith Dvorsky to JoAnna Naylor at 160 Briarwood Lane for $247,900.

Bradley Baldwin to Jonathan Mosco at 302 Brookston Drive for $247,500.

Estate of Patricia Ruth Andrews to Kyle Michael Ulmer and Jessica Lee Pritts at 17 Dover Drive for $121,800.

Paul Lewin to LSF10 Master Participation Trust at 391 Dover Road for $35,000.

Amy Hempfling to William and Kathryn Saar at 508 Foxwood Drive for $925,000.

Joey Ashley to Gregory Edward and Pamela Owen at 100 Glenbrook Drive for $380,000.

TOA Cranberry to Carlen Blackstone at 251 Jefferson Lane for $459,157.

Dale Roman to Andrew Becker at 900 Lynwood Court for $147,000.

Richard Sallade to Mine Tatli at 1265 Norberry Court for $93,000.

Corey Mislinski to Daniel Desantis and Erica Nicoll at 149 Oakview Drive for $631,129.

Cranberry Vista Apartments to Freshcorn Square DE at 9000 Old Station Road for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $25,316,250).

Glen Woodside L.P. to Charter Homes Woodside at Overbrook Drive for $118,643.

Michael Sullivan to Sean and Mary Wehner at 501 Quail Drive for $280,000.

Melinda Pry Madison to Justin and Elizabeth Piocquidio at 253 St. Leonards Lane for $435,000.

David Scott Souerwine to Derek Knapp at 535 Ten Point Lane for $215,000.

Janice Weisman Booher to Santiago and Melissa Moreno at 352 Valerie Drive for $383,000.

Paul Jones to Richard and Rebecca Donnelly at 10 Wheatfield Drive for $287,500.

Gary Morton Taylor to Gabriel Reyes and Kate Jackson at 236 Whispering Oaks Drive for $450,000.

Archdiocese Pittsburgh & Western PA Orth. to Singer Holdings at unknown address for $1,444,680.

NVR to Andrea and Ian Grady at 626 Amarth Lane for $322,975.

George Totolos Jr. trustee to Kiarash Aramesh and Mitra Hefazi at 118 Bayberry Lane for $385,000.

Elizabeth Danehy to Shawn Robert Reigh at 318 Byron Circle for $191,000.

Alan Heasley to James and Sherrie Bevington Hurne at 101 Camelot Court for $405,000.

Park Place Marketing to NVR at Captain Lee Boss Way for $60,000.

Frank Varrati to Douglas Hake at 416 Deerfield Drive for $238,000.

Menachem Braun to Joseph and Norah Santoro at 325 Eagle Drive for $440,000.

Forest Edge to Daniel and Jessica Murtha at Evergreen Terrace for $186,309.

Matt Ddragovits to Steven and Rachel Cale at 120 Fairview Drive for $978,500.

Mark Miko to Patren LLC at 314 Fawn Trail for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $128,032).

Estate of Evelyn Gandy to Heritage Holdings Management Group at 1337 Freedom Road for $1,032,000.

Carmen Gheorghiu to Dwight and Ashley Morris at 204 Hampshire Drive for $292,000.

TOA Cranberry to Raymond and Bonnie Postapack at 206 Jefferson Lane for $480,385.

Michael McKeever to Robert Brous and Jude Kennedy Brous at 603 Kingsberry Court for $407,500.

Alysia Weismantle to Stacey Mrazek at 313 Parkwood Drive for $157,000.

Gregory Robinson to Revere Beach Parkway Realty Trust at 10020 Pendleton way for $425,000.

Ashley Morris to Cheyenne Cenk at 632 Sarah Court for $185,194.

Paul Campbell to Jeffrey and Diana Hoffmaster at 301 Scarlet Peak Court for $362,000.

Mary Finfrock to Brian and Cathy Dowler trustee at 253 Sherwood Drive for $132,000.

Wei Guo to John Gould at 537 Ten Point Lane for $198,400.

100 Cranberry Business Park to Unionville Property Assoc. at 3104 Unionville Road for $3,085,000.

Darren Webster to Randall and Summer Fowler at 102 Walden Pond Lane for $815,000.

Greg Sikora to Seth and Nicole Osche at 167 Woodbine Drive for $412,000.

TOA Cranberry to Janet Ford at 229 Jefferson Lane for $427,275.

Amy Easha to Garrett Lindsay and Jillian Mineweaser at 201 Katherine Drive for $235,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $470,000).

Daniel Wiegand et al. to Animal Dental Clinic Pittsburgh at 9117 Marshall Road for $267,500.

2901 Chartiers Property to Paula Powers at 211 Opal Drive for $194,000.

William Horace Martin IV to Christine Nagy and Yolonda Aleva Nagy at 611 Redwood Court for $475,000.

Gregory Miller to Michael Shae and David Arthur Wargo at 306 Samuel Drive for $500,000.

Joseph Tomasello to National Residential Nominee Services at 437 Settlers Village Circle for $489,000.

National Residential Nominee Services to Nicholas and Amanda Jovanovich at 437 Settlers Village Circle for $489,000.

Brian Knapp to Laura Kuntschik and Anthony Pruszenski at 712 Sir Barton Court for $490,000.

NVR to Jeffrey and Kyla Kuronen at 916 Twilight St. for $457,298.

Thomas Smith to Bret and Justine Heller at 314 Valerie Drive for $363,000.

John Barna to Kenneth and Jean Carson at 149 Village Drive for $360,000.

Nathan Smith to Danielle Corson and Curtis Corson Jr. at 158 Village Drive for $343,000.


Frank Joseph Viola to Jerome Oliver at 243 Main St. for $550,000.


Peachmont Farms to NVR at Brandi Lynn Lane for $112,000.

NVR to Karen Lee and Richard Dreska at 305 Brandi Lynn Lane for $281,925.

NVR to Thomas Lee and Jill Petty at 307 Brandi Lynn Lane for $280,070.

NVR to Carol Scott trustee at 319 Brandi Lynn Lane for $273,620.

Manor Dev Group 2 to Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic at Hare Court for $150,000.

Maronda Homes to Brandon and Jacinta Maria Mendoza at 103 Kruger Circle for $278,459.

Maronda Homes to Christopher Lane and Ashley Nicole Kelly at 129 Kruger Circle for $345,924.

Craig Dewitt to William Streiff at 144 Naughton Circle for $403,000.


NVR to Carole Dotter at 317 Brandi Lynn Lane for $271,035.

Estate of Terry George to Huntington National Bank at 129 Hillvue Lane for $40,000.

Peachmont Farms to NVR at Oliver Loop for $92,500.


Estate of Judith Nye to Michael and Leah Francic at 313 Monroe St. for $166,500.


PPDA to NVR at 214 Dior Drive for $77,250.

NVR to Kyle and Julianne Helfrich at 3006 Dior Drive for $405,100.

NVR to Barry Sebesta and Lindsay Horwat at 409 Prada Place for $453,290.

Howard Morgan to Eric Stanley and Valerie Amick at 136 Rolling Hill Drive for $248,000.

Michael Urywchak to Larry and Lisa Brown at 158 St. Ives Way for $522,000.

PPDA to NVR at unknown address for $77,250.

NVR to Harold and Nancy Bowman at 108 Burnside Drive for $367,190.

Kevin Frederick to Seth and Deborah Siegel at 126 Lakeside Drive for $1,400,000.

Brookview Farms Dev. to NVR at 405 Woodside Drive for $80,000.

Brookview Farms Dev. to NVR at 407 Woodside Drive for $80,000.


SR Dev. Assoc. to Arden Dev.Partners at 339 Perry Highway for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $61,295).


Catler LLC to Filip Liptak and Surbrina Sarver at 617 Stanton Ave. for $195,000.


Browns Hill Road Assoc. to NVR at Blackhawk Drive for $80,439.

NVR to Gregory Schmitt and Kelly Mikrut at 1044 Blackhawk Drive for $346,910.

NVR to Corey and Vanessa Caruso at 3007 Eagle Ridge Drive for $547,575.

NVR to Robert and Tiffany Paugh at 3027 Eagle Ridge Drive for $514,805.

Wayne Hart to Matthew and Laura Glover at 151 Leslie Road for $305,000.

NVR to Geoffrey and Sara Kovacik at 2017 Ringold Court for $391,800.

NVR to Bernadette and Kenneth Turkovich at 1018 Adair Ave. for $275,145.

Browns Hill Road Assoc. to NVR at Blackhawk Drive for $80,439.

Jonathan Palm to Keith Cassidy and Nicole Gilch at 105 Buckingham Drive for $252,500.

Gigliotti Holdings to NVR at Eagle Ridge Drive for $115,000.

NVR to Jerome Oliver at 2001 Eagle Ridge Drive for $499,000.

NWPA Property Dev. to NVR at 3006 Humboldt Place for $92,000.

NVR to Daniel and Michelle Delbianco at 3011 Humbolt Place for $401,375.

Michael Newman to Christopher and Carly Pietrzyk at Kozy Corner Road for $95,500.

NVR to Clinton and Brenda Thimons at 3004 Wing Shadow Court for $433,255.


James Schuyler to Ronald Kirk and Elizabeth Figueroa Kandt at 604 Cheshire Drive for $413,000.


Robert Renfrew to St. Barnabas Land Trust at Three Degree Road for $93,000.


Michael Francic to Daniel and Luanna Chittock at 214 E. New Castle St. for $188,500.

West Beaver LLC to Route 68 Management at 620 W. Beaver St. for $1,750,000.

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