Park memorial, meeting times take center stage

September 11, 2019 Cranberry Local News

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EVANS CITY — Disagreements over the location of EDCO Park's veterans memorial continued at borough council's meeting Sept. 3, and the August delay may have further postponed the project than originally planned.

The memorial drew attention at the Aug. 5 council meeting, when Council President Lee Dyer brought forth a bid to clean the memorial.

“My comment at the time was that we're disrespecting the veterans by leaving it the way it is,” Dyer said.

That proposal was tabled following discussion on the location of the memorial, as some wanted the memorial moved closer to the borough's center.

On Sept. 3, that disagreement continued.

Mayor Dean Zinkhann said he had a discussion with NexTier Bank, owner of the property where he believes the memorial should be moved.

He said bank officials seemed interested in having the memorial on-site, but without the bricks that surround it.

Councilwoman Diana Zoelle said the bank did not seem willing to host the memorial in discussions with the local Veterans of Foreign Wars chapter.

John McKinney, post commander of the Evans City American Legion, offered a reason not to move the memorial to the NexTier property: The bricks signify unknown soldiers.

Dyer further informed council that, because the motion to clean the memorial was tabled at the August meeting, the contractor they would have hired no longer may be interested.

“The lowest bidder on that is not returning phone calls,” he said.

Meeting times

Another hot topic at the August meeting was the time at which council meets — and that, too, came up again.

Council meets at 6 p.m., though many residents in August were concerned this led to lower attendance. Rita Reifenstein renewed the discussion, highlighting that same concern.

Dyer later said that council would look into pushing back the meeting start time and would announce that at the October meeting.

Zinkhann added another meeting which he believes should move back, saying the Evans City-Seven Fields Regional Police Commission did not meet in August due to the 5:15 p.m. meeting time.

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