EDCO Park lacks funds to match grants

$34,000 needed for pool projects

September 11, 2019 Cranberry Local News

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EVANS CITY — About $34,000 in grant money has not been matched by the EDCO Park Authority, potentially leaving the borough to pay that bill out of its other budgeted funds.

The authority already had paid around $87,000 to match grants which were earmarked for the purpose of renovating the pool, but two grants — one funded the pool’s plaster and the other the decking — remain unmatched.

Lance Welliver, director of Butler County’s Park and Recreation Department, said the grant for decking is the largest outstanding bill, at more than $31,000, while $2,900 remains to be paid on the plaster.

The outstanding debt came to light at the Sept. 3 borough council meeting when Council President Lee Dyer asked if the park had any fundraising money remaining to match the grants.

Cindy Caldwell, the pool’s manager and park authority board member, said she had received an email that day about the money due, but that the pool did not have enough funds.

“I don’t think we realized it wasn’t matched to county money,” Caldwell told the Eagle.

Because the authority expected the county to match the grant, Caldwell said, the email had surprised her, and other board members agreed.

“This is the first I’m hearing about this,” board President John Rogers said.

Caldwell said in an interview she asked the county on several occasions if the authority would be obligated to match the funds but was told it would not. Welliver disagreed, saying this has been the plan since the spring.

“They agreed to do this before this past weekend,” he said.

There is not a specific due date, Dyer said, but the contractor who worked on the project will not be paid until the funds are matched.

Caldwell said the foundation would try to allocate money from future fundraisers to repay the balance.

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