July 10, 2019 Cranberry Local News

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Jeffrey Kharoufeh to Charles and Priscilla Krapp at 246 Adams Pointe Blvd. 10 for $222,450.

Jennifer Powell to American International Relocation Solutions at 229 Adams Pointe Blvd. 2 for $205,000.

American International Relocation Solutions to Dominic and Jennifer Marie Lofrano at 229 Adams Pointe Blvd. 2 for $205,000.

Patrick Duffy to Alisa Marie Bigelow and Frank Locastro Jr. at 112 Brighton Lane for $405,000.

HPA US to HP PA at 240 Broadstone Drive for $464,610.

Paul Kasowski to Joseph Hutchison and Carolyn Waters-Hutchison at 220 Chesapeake Drive for $725,000.

Carolyn Cook trustee to Alison and Steven Norris at 111 Golfview Drive for $650,000.

Robert Carpenter to Brian and Rebecca Wise at 1204 Joseph Court for $600,000.

Mary Goetz Battiste to Charles and Carol Rossier at 213 Morning Grove Lane for $350,000.

Dickson Family Ltd. to Pinewood Farms Dev. at 242 Stroup Road for $1,850,000.

Bank New York Mellon to Keith and Daniel Tucci at 110 Union Church Road for $120,720.


Edward Aschley to Justin and Allison McKivigan at 192 Railroad St. for $197,900.


Daniel Gordon to Ahuja Properties RT 19 at 20734 20736 Route 19 for $650,000.

David Zielinski to Robert and Betsy Huhn at 231 Bentbrook Circle for $360,777.

TOA Cranberry to Gail Wolf at 510 Blackberry Circle for $641,789.

Diana Kouba to Jaclyn Lashley at 565 Brandywine Drive for $175,000.

Eric Mazanek to Philip and Sara Basko at 418 Canterbury Trail for $586,000.

Douglas Mansfield to James and Susan McLaughlin at 302 Deemers Drive for $425,000.

Edward Chaltry to Matthew Hoffman at 224 Eagle Drive for $289,000.

Patrick Farren to Eric and Courtney Cassat at 7025 Franklin Road for $168,000.

Park Place Marketing to NVR at Gulch Lane for $60,000.

Tejveer Singh to Jennifer and Timothy Curtis at 410 Hidden Meadow Drive for $479,000.

Darla Perz to Andrew and Dawn Flenner at 304 Hummingbird Circle for $356,000.

Sean Zyra to Teresa McDonald and Scott Jeffries at 653 Huntington Drive for $242,500.

Loretta Fisher to Zachary Sanctis at 313 Leatherbark Road for $275,000.

Daniel Soderberg to Bryan Connor Bingham and Kaitlyn Joan Boscarino at 104 Middleground Place for $522,750.

Forest Edge to Daniel and Elaine Ostrowski at Morningside Drive for $186,309.

NVR to Jacob Warren and Lindsey Marie Edens at 142 Moyer Hill Drive for $318,385.

NVR to Rakesh and Sangita Thapar at 136 Moyer Hill Road for $305,990.

Estate of Karen Sue Wissler to Thomas Justin Ruff at North Boundary Road for $40,000.

Dennis Spingola to Lawrence and Pamela Black at 103 Oakview Drive for $490,000.

Terry Griffin to Jamie Gallagher at 176 Oakview Drive for $660,000.

Jared Andree to Keith and Dianna Franklin at 218 Parkwood Drive for $154,000.

Gunther Lill to Jared and Faith Andree at 249 Peace St. for $340,000.

Walter Cashdollar to Corey Wendel and Kiley Donahue at 614 Sarah Court for $169,900.

Gail Wolf trustee to Michael and Marie Malloy at 708 Stockton Ridge for $730,000.

Bryan Bingham to Megan Achezinski at 708 Stockton Ridge for $150,000.

Nicolas Iglesias to National Residential Nominee Services at 225 Strawberry Circle for $426,000.


Viola's Evans City Market to Bradley Wetzel at 231 E. Main St. for $232,000.

Jean Pressau to Michael and Mary Blume at 610 Jefferson St. for $155,900.


Peachmont Farms to NVR at unknown address for $82,825.

Peachmont Farms to NVR at unknown address for $112,000.

R. Wayne McCombs to Robert and Amy Flaiz at 392 Glade Run Road for $190,000.

Scott Gentsch to Michael Koto and Alison Miller at 101 June Bug Drive for $349,760.

Maronda Homes to Christopher Maurice and Nancy Esther Welch at 121 Kruger Circle for $337,908.


Pamela Hrycko to Donald Yost at 418 E. New Castle St. for $190,000.

Rachel Campbell to Wendy Burtner Owens at 508 Main St. for $340,000.

James Zeigler Jr. to Harmony Hill LLC at 338 Monroe St. for $215,000.


PPDA to NVR at unknown address for $75,000.

PPDA to NVR at unknown address for $75,000.

Maronda Homes to Alexandra Elise Rauluk at 108 Dutch Creek Drive for $352,942.

Rhonda McGuirk to Christopher and Katherine Bean at 153 Nickle Road for $219,000.

John Morone to Weichert Workforce Mobility at 220 Old Hickory Road for $395,000.

Weichert Workforce Mobility to Yogin Shroff and Niyati Thakkar at 220 Old Hickory Road for $395,000.

Spring Valley Partners 2 to Joseph and Diane Mainolfi trustee at 204 Spring Valley Drive for $339,390.

Spring Valley Partners 2 to Susan Umble at 206 Spring Valley Drive for $352,570.


Scenic Ridge Partners to Robert and Ronna Cottom at 6053 Laurel Court for $340,065.

Scenic Ridge Partners to Timothy and Beth Allmann at 2002 Southview Drive for $299,115.

Scenic Ridge Partners to William and Dorothy McGeehan at 2051 Southview Drive for $342,510.

Mark Konvolinka to Joshua Inman at 754 Spring St. for $530,000.

Mark Konolinka to Douglas Marshall and Debbie Golden at 104 Timberlee Drive for $160,000.

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