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"High Water Mark" series to dive into impact of regional flooding

July 9, 2019 Digital Media Exclusive

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The end of May brought an unpleasantly familiar scene to many areas of Butler County.

Phones buzzing with weather reports and warnings gave way to a deluge of rain — more than six inches in some places. Basements were flooded and streets rendered impassable, with anxious home and business owners left only to watch and hope the damage wasn't too severe.

The situation has played out more and more in recent years, with flooding seemingly worsening with each storm. Mother Nature is surely to blame for some of the issues, with this year's storms setting rainfall records.

However, other factors play into the increasing damage.

Over the past month, Butler Eagle staff investigated not only what is causing these issues, but also what local officials are doing to address the problems. Starting today, and running through Sunday, we aim to provide readers with a more in-depth look at the “High Water Mark” issues facing communities throughout Butler County.

Studies and data collection are just the start, with some municipalities coming together to investigate solutions. Others are collecting their own data and working to find short-term solutions.

However, many are finding that the solutions to flooding could take several years to complete, and could come with a hefty price tag.

In the interim, residents are left to deal with flooding and its impact with each passing storm. Many shared their frustrations with Eagle staff, saying that action must be taken soon to stop the damage and destruction.

Flooding will certainly remain a vital topic in almost every corner of the county, and while the most recent storms have now passed, local officials and residents won't soon stop searching for solutions.

On Wednesday, the Butler Eagle looks at flooding issues in Adams Township; Thursday we'll focus on Zelienople; Friday we'll hear from community leaders in Harmony and Buffalo; and Sunday will feature a countywide overview of flooding and its impact on the region.

Previous articles about this season's flooding will also be included as part of this series as well.

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