May 15, 2019 Cranberry Local News

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Stephen Karns to Matthew James and Colleen Elizabeth McMonagle at 190 Broadstone Drive for $259,000.

Kelli Hartman to HPA US at 240 Broadstone Drive for $247,500.

Mark Nicely to Louis and Annette Cancelmi at 2012 Gables Court for $550,000.

Justin Young to Clayton Daniel and Michelle Jacqueline Hamilton at 105 Hidden Oak Drive for $535,000.

Gary Dietrich to Michael and Shelly Bocheff at 303 Hutchman Road for $165,000.

Germaine Yoest to Gaileen Johns at 8721 Lost Valley Drive for $250,000.

Woodland Trace to Virgil and Bernadette Palumbo at Lynwood Drive for $114,900.

Leslie Middleton to Conan Shaw at 202 Pointe View Drive for $281,500.

Matthew Speranza to Tarek El Mohamad and Kholoud Khalaf at 5 Presidential Lane for $675,000.

Lars Gustafsson to Justin and Jessica Kontul at 1018 Sophia Lane for $665,000.

Inger Jensen to David Todd Martinez at 170 Southern Valley Court for $215,000.

Sarah Zurn to Sandra Teitelbaum at 175 Southern Valley Court for $225,400.

Justin Kontul to Daniel Thomas and Juliana Michaels at 208 W. Vanderbilt Drive for $437,500.

Cynthia Paras to Matthew and Kelli Lynn at 710 Winter Pine Drive for $412,500.


Richard Beran to Bank New York Mellon Tr. at 1100 Evans City Road for $1,349 by sheriff's deed.

Brennan Builders to CV Development at Fassinger Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $72,800).

Robert Merten to Northwest Bank at 209 Hoot Owl Road for $3,802 by sheriff's deed.

Anthony DeJulia to Michael Choban and Katherine Glenney at 109 Pine View Circle for $450,000.

Estate of Janet McKnight to Edward and Robyn Renee Brewer at 1026 Prospect Road for $40,000.

Raymond Atkinson to Edward and Sharon Schaming at Route 68 for $24,000.


Park Place Marketing to NVR at unknown address for $162,000.

Anne Delmotte to Cartus Corp. at 112 Aberdeen Drive for $400,000.

Autumn View Investments to Jennifer Ann Pintar at 223 Bucktail Drive for $539,000.

Forest Edge to Mark and Shannan Williams at 306 Evergreen Terrace for $186,309.

Jonathan Wainman to Sirva Relocation Credit at 406 Granville Place for $748,500.

Sirva Relocation Credit to Harry and Faithann Karatassos at 406 Granville Place for $748,500.

Catherine Policicchio to Dennis and Mary Rasmussen at 515 Greenspire Court for $250,000.

Alexander Ziemkiewicz to Alexis and Jared Soohy at 524 Luke Court for $389,900.

Chad Trauman to Thomas and Toni Lynn Geraghty at 121 McDonald Drive for $233,000.

Sara Cranston et al. to Ian and Nichole Schauer at 137 McDonald Drive for $247,000.

Edward Imperatore II to Molly Flicker at 80 Monmouth Drive for $180,000.

Maureen Byko to Catherine Policicchio at 756 N. Sunset Drive for $185,000.

Charter Homes Woodside to John Thomas Burton II at 132 Overbrook Drive for $524,485.

Estate of Mary Ann Galant to Northwest Bank at 8558 Peters Road for $5,910 by sheriff's deed.

Kelly Napotnik to Bruce and Carol Irvin at 12 Sunset Court for $260,000.

Eric Lindey to Amanda Hayden and Zachary Cavaliero at 26 Sunset Court for $256,500.

NVR to Michael and Dana Thomas at 818 Theda Dori St. for $296,490.

Park Place Marketing to NVR at Tiwlight Street for $100,000.

NVR to Gaurav Goyal and Sapna Garg at 910 Twilight St. for $427,035.


William Thomas Norris to Mark Gerson at Harmony Alley for $20,000.


Peachmont Farms to NVR at unknown address for $110,000.

NVR to Jerome Oliver at 303 Brandy Lynn Lane for $269,385.

Reibold Assoc. to Maronda Homes at Kruger Circle for $52,500.

NVR to Keith Freeman and Esther Smith-Freeman at 144 Pauline Place for $396,010.

Reibold Assoc. to Maronda Homes at Kruger Circle for $52,500.

Maronda Homes to Lon Douglas and Michele Marie Lawver at 177 Kruger Circle for $305,192.

Randy Scott Marowitz to Jacob Allan and Brittany Kathleen Koman at 130 Naughton Circle for $297,000.


Margaret Nestor trustee to James Clarke and Kelley Perry at 222 Bluff St. for $91,000.

Kenneth Prater to HH Kingston at 528 Main St. for $280,000.

Richard Kamienski to William and Jessica Gasior at 1128 Seneca Drive for $190,750.


Brookview Farms Dev. to NVR at 127 Brookview Drive for $78,000.

NVR to Leonard and Gail McHugh at 106 Burnside Drive for $381,665.

NVR to David Regis and Nichole Lynn Niemczyk at 216 Dior Drive for $344,365.

Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Daniel and Anna Horsley at 112 Dutch Creek Drive for $335,900.

Jackson Park Dev. Assoc. to NVR at Ella Brooke Drive for $74,117.

Creekside Commons to Creekside Plaza at 101 121 Perry Highway for $3,825,000.

DSSTE to Tomlinson Road at Tomlinson Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $13,202).


Scenic Ridge Partners to Marjorie McMullan at 6003 Spring Lane for $345,410.

Kenneth Naleppa to Kyle and Elizabeth Bortnyik at 144 Warner Lane for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $12,730).


Matthew Straley et al. to DCD Ventures at 202 Hook St. for $78,000.


NVR to Chandler Johnson at 1014 Adair Ave. for $291,935.

NVR to Jacob and Kaitlin Thomas at 2006 Bald Eagle Court for $311,430.

NVR to Balasubramanya Agrahara at 3005 Eagle Ridge Drive for $559,145.

Gigliotti Holdings to NVR at Eagle Ridge Road for $230,000.

Kimberly Whirlow to Gregory and Mary Greiff at 157 Harbison Road for $175,000.

NVR to Kyle Kozar and Jessica Zeff at 309 Leslie Road for $345,545.

NVR to Christopher and Erica Yohe at 313 Leslie Road for $428,920.

William Montgomery to Jimmy and Ashlie Colio at 114 Maple Drive for $191,900.

NWPA Property Dev. to NVR at 2004 Ringgold Court for $92,000.

Browns Hill Road Assoc. to NVR at Wing Shadow Court for $80,439.


Jeffery Jaye to Joseph and Patricia Zupancic at 802 Wilshire Circle for $250,000.


Dawn Ptak to Matthew and Nicole Parson at 205 McKim St. for $222,000.

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