Mars Coffeehouse gallery showcase winners listed

May 8, 2019 Cranberry Local News

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ADAMS TWP — Numerous students earned awards in Mars High School's 2019 Coffeehouse Gallery Art Showcase, held April 26.

Senior Teressa Wesley received Best in Show for her piece, “The Fallen, The Falling.”

Senior Emma Voelker received the Robinson Purchase Prize for her work, “Veronica,” which will be displayed at Mars High School auditorium.

Winners are as follows:


4 First Place — Madison Ceasar, senior, “Candles”

4 Second Place — Emma Werling, junior, “Iron Wood”

4 Third Place — Haley Alexander, junior, “Homage to Dale Chihuly”

4 Honorable Mention — Bradley Kuchta, junior, “Blue Fade”

4 Honorable Mention — Jenna Protho, senior, “Life in Plastic”

4 Honorable Mention — Alexis Barger, junior, “Moon”


4 Drawing: First Place — Audrey Gehm, freshman, “The Wall and Her Art”

4 Second Place — Stephen Steward, senior, “Laughing President”

4 Third Place — Meghan Graf, sophomore, “Dots Smile”

4 Mixed Media: First Place — Alexander Whitcroft, sophomore, “Homeward Bound”

4 Second Place — Nicole Newtzie, junior, “Hectate”

4 Third Place — Bethany Harmon, senior, “Amphitrite”

4 Honorable Mention — Haylea Rieger, senior, “Look What We've Done”

4 Painting: First Place — Audrey Gehm, freshman, “Leave it All on the Field”

4 Second Place — Kendall Ceh, sophomore, “Painting Nails”

4 Third Place — Valen Rindt, sophomore, “Bloom Café”

4 3-D: First Place — Alexander Whitcroft, sophomore, “Skull Pot”

4 Second Place — Cara McGuinness, sophomore, “Mannequin”

4 Third Place — Allison McGee, freshman, “The Infinity Shoe”

Advanced Art

4 Drawing: First Place — Delaney Maitland, junior, “Zine”

4 Second Place — Amanda Olesnevich, junior, “Mango #5”

4 Third Place — Carly King, sophomore, “Zine”

4 Honorable Mention — Kendal Ceh, sophomore, “Marilyn Monroe”

4 Honorable Mention — Emma Voelker, senior, “Boredom”

4 Mixed Media: First Place — Haylea Rieger, senior, “Ferns”

4 Second Place — Miranda Williams, senior, “What the Frack”

4 Third Place — Elyse Spaun, senior, “Fingerprint”

4 Painting: First Place — Emma Voelker, senior, “Veronica”

4 Second Place — Haylea Rieger, senior, “Terrier not Terrorist”

4 Third Place — Madison Ceasar, senior, “Dissociation”

4 Honorable Mention — Elyse Spaun, senior, “Clowning Around”

4 Honorable Mention — Mina Beach, junior, “Capricorn”

4 Printmaking: First Place — Angus Elder, senior, “Milk”

4 Second Place — Jasmine Williams, sophomore, “Blooming”

4 Third Place — Miranda Williams, senior, “Capricorn”

4 Honorable Mention — Haley Alexander, junior, “DNA”

4 3-D: First Place — Teressa Wesley, senior, “Siblings”

4 Second Place — Delaney Maitland, junior, “Ian the Eland”

4 Third Place — Haylea Rieger, senior, “Flowers”

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