Real Estate Transactions

May 1, 2019 Cranberry Living

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Richard Montanti to Linda Leslie and Keri Jordan at 1901 Ambassador Lane for $316,900.

Mark Spehar to Marc DelBrocco and Katelyn Ziggas at 101 Ontario Court for $585,000.

Stephen Joseph to Timothy Gaston Jr. at 106 Penn St. for $212,000.

Michael Geubtner to William Neal and Alice Lorraine Lucchi at 143 Resolution Drive for $485,866.

Woodland Trace LLC to Andrew and Denise Grandinetti at 128 Woodford Drive for $114,900.

Mark Paolillo to Joshua Paul and Kayla Leffler at 299 Broadstone Drive for $283,000.

Kiran Nunna to Emily Lucchini and Anne Strobel at 572 Evergreen Court for $315,000.

Amy Garbacz to David and Lori Nicklas at 120 Pearce Road for $110,000.


Estate of Bernadine Leasure to Mary Karen McLister at 3072 Kensington Court for $198,000.

Thomas Huff to Matthew Northrop at 635 Dick Road for $100,000.

Steven Antenucci to Whitney Illingworth and Robert Barker at 1219 Prospect Road for $310,900.


Seafoam Properties to Gloria Cunningham at 304 Bellford Court for $152,000.

Calvin Burrell to Brian Seaman and Kala Joseph at 541 Brandywine Drive for $169,900.

Frieda Regan to Dax and Lori Howard at 563 Brandywine Drive for $169,300.

Ryan Rennig to Amanda Jayne Karnath at 1564 Garvin Road for $287,000.

Eric Buzard to Andrew and Jacqueline Barkus at 831 Glendale Court for $283,500.

NVR to James and Kathy Mills at 107 Moyer Hill Road for $299,990.

Thomas Bice to Timothy and Joanne Carranza at 412 Settlers Village Circle for $520,000.

NVR to Andre Carvalho Goncalves DeAzevedo and Eliana Martins at 921 Twilight St. for $406,910.

Park Place Marketing to NVR at 923 Twilight St. for $100,000.

Richard Maxwell Jr. to Kevin and Patricia Flaherty at Unionville Road for $23,000.

Christopher Hoch to Scott O’Brien et al. and Lyn Hanke at 6 Wheatfield Drive for $282,000.

Michael Schulz to Jason Carey and Shelli Luchs at 307 Winchester Court for $358,763.

Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Rachael Marie Harrington and Andrew Paul Hovanec at 103 Birdie Drive for $387,835.

Sarah Ann Gay to unknown buyer at 240 Clearbrook Court for $195,900.

Andrew Barkus to Joshua Denardo at 833 Glendale Court for $252,000.

HP PA to HPA Borrower 2018-1 MS at 211 Hummingbird Hill for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $249,801).

TOA Cranberry to Gilbert Dennis and Jane Mason at 226 Jefferson Lane for $596,501.

Charles Turnblacer et al. to BNC Realty at 120 Marguerite Drive for $1,445,000.

Forest Edge to Greschen and Daniel Powell at Morningside Drive for $186,309.

NTW to Agree Stores at 20425 Route 19 for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $2,850,000).

Wayne Jordan to Melinda Pry Madison at 253 St. Leonards Lane for $260,000.

Michael Mancione to Janae Smith at 1111 Stockton Ridge for $151,000.

Foxmoor Properties to William Betz Jr. and Rosina Betz at 412 Stockton Ridge for $18,000.

NVR to Corey Glasgow and Samantha Weisser at 711 Truth Lane for $318,435.

Park Place Marketing to NVR at 920 Twilight St. for $100,000.


Carol Baker to Joseph and Ashley Kowalski at 130 Crestwood Drive for $349,500.

Gary Blinn to Joshua and Tabitha Wilson at 116 Pioneer Road for $147,500.


Peachmont Farms to NVR at 425 Joseph Drive for $87,500.

Peachmont Farms to NVR at 427 Joseph Drive for $87,500.

Ronald Volz to Joey and Tina Detwiler at 266 Margaret Lane for $4,500.

Peachmont Farms to NVR at Brandi Lynn Lane for $110,000.

Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Jonathan and Erika Selling at 103 Hare Cout for $384,812.

Maronda Homes to Randy and Emily Infield at 131 Kruger Circle for $293,063.

Stephen Umpirowicz to Anthony McCoppin and Mary Ann Berardino at 336 Old Route 68 for $444,900.

Peachmont Farms to NVR at Pauline Place for $73,000.


NVR to David and Rebecca Rawlings at 520 Audrey Court for $427,465.

NVR to Richard and Helen Cameron at 104 Brookview Drive for $369,990.

Brookview Farms Dev. to NVR at 123 Brookview Drive for $78,000.

PPDA to NVR at Prada Place for $75,000.

NVR to John and Leslie Slepak at 115 Brookview Drive for $354,820.

Brookview Farms Dev. to NVR at 115 Brookview Drive for $7,000.

NVR to Ross Luce Jr. and Julie Luce at 212 Camden Drive for $463,745.

PPDA to NVR at Dior Drive for $75,000.

Jackson Park Dev. Assoc. to NVR at Ella Brooke Drive for $72,664.

Kevin Dietrick Jr. to Aaron and Hilary Rectenwald at 295 Tollgate Road for $305,000.


Scenic Ridge Partners to David and Glenna Jean Jones at 6024 Laurel Court for $338,335.

Jeffrey Hoffman to Coe Leleux at 126 Scott Ridge Road for $315,000.

Brennan Plantations to Brennan Builders at Whitestown Road for $115,000.


NVR to John and Karen Battilana at 1014 Blackhawk Drive for $397,045.

NVR to Kimberly Cochenour and Hitoshi Kinoshita at 3011 Eagle Ridge Drive for $473,880.

Michael Neuman to Joshua Peter and Kelli Ann Rosswog at Kozy Corner Road for $110,000.

Sally Flint King to JPMorgan Chase Bank NA at 432 Leslie Road for $1,314 by sheriff’s deed.

NWPA Property Dev. to NVR at 2000 Ringgold Court for $92,000.

NVR to Cheryll Cranmer at 2012 Ringgold Court for $415,945.

NVR to Brian Lancaster and Allyson Bruce at 4005 Weatherburn Drive for $500,895.

Browns Hill Road Assoc. to NVR at Wing Shadow Court for $72,439.

NVR to Mark and Mary Zeleny at 1017 Blackhawk Drive for $345,025.

NVR to Melissa Truitt and Edward Trembath at 5007 Hawkeye Drive for $463,840.

NWPA Property Dev. to NVR at 2001 Ringgold Court for $82,000.


Rachel Pellicano to John Frasca at 139 Forest Drive for $162,500.


Michael Finley to James Clarke and Kelley Perry at 112 Chestnut St. for $185,816.

Robert Kline to Nick Desano and Morgan Phillips at 34 Fieldstone Place for $314,500.

Estate of Lena Wagner to Mark Rose at McKim Street for $96,000.

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