Real Estate Transactions

April 24, 2019 Cranberry Living

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Gerald Marino to Rebecca and Brian Rupp at 112 Adams Woods Drive for $710,000.

Melissa Truitt to David Crawford at 7004 Crider Road for $291,000.

William Gruber Jr. to Matthew and Deanna Speranza at 451 Four Lakes Drive for $1,750,000.

Rebecca Rupp to Paul and Tracy Sirney at 1829 Liberty Way for $615,000.

TOA Adams Land to John and Betsy Kundrat at 215 Patriots Way for $516,863.

Kimberly Gottschalk to Conan Shaw at 2305 Pointe View Drive for $296,500.

Rebecca Murchak to Joseph and Abby Peck at 702 Pointe View Drive for $305,990.


Judith Baglier to Thomas and Jacqueline Haseltine at 807 Hidden Meadows Circle for $200,000.

Estate of George Collins Jr. to Michael Kopera at Route 528 for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $1,037).


Anthony Kulfan to David Oreski at 82 Ashford Drive for $185,000.

Whitney Illingworth to John Perry McClymonds Jr. at 305 Berkshire Drive for $375,000.

Michael Quail to Brian Donatelli at 112 Blue Ridge Drive for $398,000.

Regis Floers to Robert and Christina Louie at 568 Brandywine Drive for $175,000.

Steven Suchonic to Regis and Erica Flowers at 406 Cambria Court for $362,500.

Brianna Tetrault to Tammy Snyder at 266 Clearbrook Court for $192,000.

Calvin Lee to Andrew Stubler and Emily Bohlender at 165 Crossing Ridge Trail for $328,500.

Mark Fico to Keith and Alison Spear at 410 Farmington Road for $255,750.

Leland Buchele to Brandon Kenneth and Erin Marie Monticue at 604 Heritage Place for $426,750.

Jacquelynn Schleiden to Danyelle Kauble and Maxwell Kuenning at 125 Lewisham Road for $252,400.

Georgetown Square Assoc. to Robert and Doris Kathleen Phillips at 204 Linehan Place for $315,000.

Dixie Clevenger to Michael and Jennifer Koziara at 8157 Rowan Road for $400,000.

Eagle Printing Co. to Nuvo Cranberry Storage at 20701 Route 19 for $1,784,000.

Echo Hotel Investment to Khushi Inc. at 1744 Route 228 for $1,862,500.

David Rossetti to Joseph Mulach at 636 Sunset Circle for $164,900.

Trina Shockey to Megan Theodorson at 410 Ten Point Lane for $172,000.

NVR to Nicole and Roger Willman at 715 Truth Lane for $315,350.

Park Place Marketing to NVR at 907 Twilight St. for $60,000.

Brian Hanolt to Brian Christopher and Crystal McDaniel at 105 Wayne Drive for $232,000.


Peachmont Farms to NVR at Brandy Lynn Drive for $110,000.

Reibold Assoc. to Maronda Homes at Kruger Circle for $52,500.


William Schmidtke to Kevin Michael Dietrick Jr. and Britt Ellen Dietrick at 100 S. Pittsburgh St. for $290,000.

Jeffrey Stahl to Tina Cortese at 211 S. Pittsburgh St. for $208,000.


NVR to George Knox III and Ann Reisinger Knox at 202 Camden Drive for $433,380.

Jackson Park Dev Assoc. to NVR at Isabella Court for $75,661.

Stephen Schoeffel to Justin Schoeffel at 257 Kaufman Road for $134,500.

NVR to Jeffrey and Trina Gooch at 114 Rachel Drive for $349,930.

Sandra Folmer to Valarie Lynn McGoogan at 211 Rock Lake Drive for $146,000.

Estate of Anna Marie Knapp to James Mason at 270 Zehner School Road for $195,000.


Patricia Brennan trustee to Daniel and Janice Cooley at Buckeye Drive for $90,900.

William Reubi to Randy Lee Rudski and Rachael Kulka at 310 Little Creek Road for $232,000.


NVR to John Goda and Kathleen Bartoldi at 1004 Adair Ave. for $277,990.

James Wilkinson to Joseph Casey at 102 Fraser Road for $245,500.

NVR to Robert and Deborah Hoffman at 3018 Humbolt for $437,155.

Gigliotti Holdings to NVR at Pelican Drive for $82,167.

NWPA Property Dev. to NVR at 2015 Ringgold Court for $82,000.

Browns Hill Road Assoc. to NVR at Wing Shadow Court for $72,439.


Ronald Schmoll to Douglas Gerzina at 150 Woodhaven Drive for $233,505.

Joseph Peck to Stephen Laylock at 166 Woodhaven Drive for $162,000.


Equity Trust FBO Christopher Cinker IRA to Christopher Cinker at Butler Street for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $10,750).

Equity Trust FBO Christopher Cinker IRA to Christopher Cinker at Butler Street for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $8,393).


Nicolas Desanzo to Alyson Mesisca at 134 N. Milton St. for $182,000.

Estate of Betty Hart to Philkon Enterprises at 214 Pennsylvania Ave. for $175,000.

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