Real Estate Transactions

March 20, 2019 Cranberry Living

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Elizabeth Mwansa to Patricia Carney at 234 Adams Pointe Blvd. 4 for $135,250.

Adams Pointe to Paula Kay Notarfrancisco at 203 Adams Pointe Blvd. 7 for $284,000.

Adams Pointe 2 to John and Mary Ann Kelly at 215 Adams Pointe Blvd. 8 for $222,000.

Brent Trumpower to Peter Bostic at 194 Southern Valley Court for $229,000.


Nathan Edward Reed to Michael Gerald and Brittney Maria Baptiste at 102 Cameron Square for $282,000.


Estate of George Collins Jr. to Michael Kopera at 360 Welsh Road for $45,000.


Kiran Uppal et al. to Ian Endacott at 154 Aberdeen Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $167,053).

Kenneth Hoggay to Brian and Whitney Mechling at 160 Bayberry Lane for $353,500.

Parker Bolen to Sirva Relocation Credit at 227 Boardwalk Drive for $360,000.

Sirva Relocation Credit to Patricia Ekers at 227 Boardwalk Drive for $360,000.

TOA Cranberry to James Ostronic and Deborah Cooper at 218 Jefferson Lane for $610,814.

Charter Homes Woodside to Gavin Tennant and Sally Mann Myers at 114 Overbrook Drive for $529,990.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Cranberry Meeder Partners at 20515 Route 19 for $4,500,000.

NVR to Jerome Oliver at 800 Theda Dori St. for $300,000.

NVR to Thomas Morrison at 804 Theda Dori St. for $280,030.

Park Place Marketing to NVR at Twilight Street for $60,000.

Linda Schaefers to Nicole Schaefers and Robert West Jr. at 2 Wheatfield Drive for $160,000.

James Maxwell to Kevin and Courtney Stonestreet at 230 Whispering Oaks Drive for $400,000.

Cameron Flickinger to Ellen and Ryan Hancox at 104 Wolfe Run Road for $582,500.

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Brian McKinney to 420 East Main Holdings at 420 E. Main St. for $165,000.

Fred Hespenheide to Launchpad Holdings at 90 Pattison St. for $410,000.


Brookview Farms Dev. to NVR at 200 Camden Drive for $78,000.


Terry Lee Roberts to Marc and Kathleen Wilkins at 493 Little Creek Road for $120,000.

Scenic Ridge Partners to Andrew and Eileen Patrylak at 402 Northview Drive for $398,378.

Ryan Reep to Melody and Shawn Boros at 756 Perry Highway for $283,500.

James Clarke to Cameron and Ashley Flickinger at 102 Red Brush Trail for $378,242.


Jennifer Stridinger to Thomas Goucher and Helen Sumney at 276 State Road for $190,000.

Steven Avon to Ryan Dietz at 141 Tanglewood Drive for $249,900.

NVR to Jennifer Desiree Trich Kremer and Vincent Raymond Kremer at 1002 Adair Ave. for $270,000.

Browns Hill Road Assoc. to NVR at Blackhawk Drive for $76,210.

NVR to Hannah Adler at 1029 Blackhawk Drive for $325,945.

Gigliotti Holdings to NVR at Eagle Ridge Drive for $115,000.

NVR to Andrew and Natalie Nuttall at 5008 Hawkeye Drive for $492,175.

NVR to Barbara Lion at 3013 Humbolt Place for $391,545.

Gregory Himme to Aaron Hankowitz at 152 Old Glade Mill Road for $214,900.

Elizabeth Jane Kastory to Scott Kevin and Sara Ann Kiley at 89 Overbrook Road for $85,000.

Melinda Meighen trustee to Ronald Mettus at 1374 Pittsburgh Road for $190,000.

NVR to Lars Magnus Gustafsson at 4009 Weatherburn Drive for $468,800.


Kevin Kearney to Kristin Schutte at 421 Georgetown Court for $212,500.

Carmen Ingrassia to 2 Bold at 148 Woodhaven Drive for $157,000.

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