The Sociables aim to keep seniors smiling

February 8, 2019 Cranberry Local News

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MIDDLESEX TWP — A group of social seniors plan to reunite in April after their winter hiatus.

Previously known as “Smiling Seniors,” The Sociables are a senior-oriented organization at Holy Sepulcher Roman Catholic Church.

The Sociables' treasurer, Loretta Dillner, said they are a spiritually oriented social group which provides spiritual, social and travel opportunities.

“It's just a group for elderly people,” said Robert Cararie, former Sociables president and active member.

Cararie, who has been in the organization for more than 10 years, said it's a way for like-minded individuals to get together and talk.

“It's nice to meet with other people your age,” Cararie said.

Dillner said Sociables meetings usually begin with a potluck-style luncheon later in the afternoon, and after a brief meeting, they conclude with a speaker or entertainment.

“This past meeting we had a K9 demonstration from the police,” she said.

Dillner said they have also taken trips to Cleveland, to Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine, to see Christmas displays and to Moraine State Park.

She said their guest speakers have also included educational presentations on fraud and what to look for as well as information about the Blessed Virgin.

Cararie said some of the draws of the organization for him are the trips in the summertime, a picnic in September and speakers “that are very useful.”

The group hasn't met since December and won't meet in February or March as precaution for inclement weather, Dillner said, but they will meet again at 1:30 p.m. on the first Sunday in April and for all subsequent first Sundays of the month.

Cararie also mentioned that the Sociables may expand their reach by joining with some seniors from another church soon.

The Sociables also take a break for the months of July and August because those are popular vacation times.

Dillner said there is no age limit in their group and members are just required to pay $10 annually for dues.

While most members of the club are parishioner at the church, Dillner said everyone is welcome.

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