Lines repaired in Evans City; boil order remains

February 5, 2019 Cranberry Breaking News

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EVANS CITY — A water main break on Main Street has been repaired, letting crews collect samples to test for contamination.

A boil advisory will remain in place for at least two more days as officials must test at least three samples that show water is not contaminated, as required by the Department of Environmental Protection.

Water buffaloes are available to residents near Presidents Square apartments at 200 Jefferson Street. Officials ask that those interested bring their own water containers.

Evans City Water and Sewer Authority Crews responded to the breaks on Elizabeth Ave. and Main Street Sunday, working over the last three days to find and repair the isues. Officials closed off one lane of traffic on Main Street and issued a borough-wide water boil advisory.

Martin Fabian, operations manager at the authority, said the rapid shifts in weather and advanced age of the mains likely caused the breaks.

By Monday the break on Elizabeth Ave. was located and patched. The break on Main Street, nestled under a layer of concrete and asphalt, took another day to find. Efforts to find the Main Street line were complicated as official maps of the water line were destroyed in a 2004 flood.

By 2 p.m. Tuesday, Authority President Ed Tanski said he was confident they had located the problem and expected to repair and refill the section of excavated side of the road by the end of the day. At around 4 p.m. the Authority announced they had completed repairs.

Work around the pipes was complicated by nearby gas lines, Tanski said, and crews had to take their time to be careful not to trigger a catastrophe. Even with the line repaired, the boil advisory is expected to remain in affect for at least the next two days as samples are tested according to DEP standards.

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