Real Estate Transactions

January 9, 2019 Cranberry Living

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Diana Belt to Judy Murphy at 3203 Ambassador Lane for $290,000.

Leonard DiGiacomo to Herman and Paula Reedy at 802 Appleridge Court for $479,900.

Michael Orehowsky to Scott and Kayla Bragg at 9018 Aububon Drive for $449,000.

Jason Steppe to Cartus Financial Corp. at 247 Cliffside Drive for $360,000.

Cypress Fields L.P. to Andrew and Allison Broderick at 251 Cliffside Drive for $190,000.

Suburban Insulation Inc. to Daryco LLC at 193 Crowe Ave. for $500,000.

Robert Salem to Terek Family Revocable Living Trust at Dobson Road for $145,000.

Alex Banday Jr. to Nathan and Kari Nyland at 7003 Eagle Road for $403,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $826,000).

Cypress Fields L.P. to Brendan and Michele Mannella trustee at 303 Leyland Court for $210,000.

TOA Adams Land L.P. to Donald Balla Jr. and Deborah Balla at 213 Patriots Way for $215,000.

TOA Adams Land L.P. to Ronald and Janine Weaver at 147 Resolution Drive for $596,390.


Alan Rosenberg to Cody Wheeler at 429 Eagle Mill Road for $175,000.

Terry Ziminski to Doris Ziminski estate at Reiber Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $2,829).


Park Place Marketing LLC to NVR Inc. at Coriander Lane for $60,000.

Dutilh Property Assoc. L.P. to PBH2 LLC at 51 Dutilh Road for $14,067,568.

Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC to Victor Zulkoski Jr. and Kathleen Zulkoski at 316 Eagle Drive for $460,299.

Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC to Daniel and Stacey Geisel at 333 Eagle Drive for $400,467.

Richard O’Donovan to Nicholas and Chloe Mike at 324 Fayette Drive for $172,300.

Bradley Field to National Residential Nominee Services In at 143 Hunter Drive for $482,500.

HP Pennsylvania LLC to HPA Borrower 2018-1 MS LLC at 105 Mews Lane for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $203,217).

Tracey Krall to Jeff and Shelley Behr at 6742 Old Mars Crider Road for $160,000.

Ronald McCormick to Ashley Frazzini at 102 Opal Court for $227,000.

Charter Homes Woodside Inc. to Brian and Mary Lynn Bender at 149 Overbrook Drive for $657,080.


PPDA L.P. to NVR Inc. at Unknown Address for $7,500.

Jackson Park Dev Assoc. L.P. to NVR Inc. at 520 Audrey Court for $77,174.

Brookview Farms Dev L.P. to NVR Inc. at 109 Brookview Drive for $7,000.

Maronda Homes Inc. to Jeffrey Taylor and Christine Bowers at 129 Dutch Creek Drive for $469,422.

Justin Reiner to Gabrielle Musser and Desiree Rinaldi at 202 Eidenau Road for $67,000.

NVR Inc. to Seana Rader Lois and Alan Lois at 402 Isabella Court for $399,450.

NVR Inc. to Laura Hansen and Samuel Hoffman at 450 Isabella Court for $448,670.


Eugene Miluk to Andrew Hayka at 111 Ascot Court for $315,000.

Scenic Ridge Partners L.P. to Stanley and Carol Oslosky at 300 Southview Drive for $458,000.


Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee to Linda Lascher at 507 Pearl St. for $120,200.


NVR Inc. to Richard and Lisa Gapsky at 3017 Humbolt Place for $369,965.

NWPA Property Dev L.P. to NVR Inc. at 3018 Humbolt Place for $92,000.


Barbara Jaram to Brookfield Relocation Inc. at 503 Dorchester Drive for $500,000.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Joseph Consolmagno II and Cassandra Consolmagno at 503 Dorchester Drive for $495,000.


Jonathan Singer to Samantha Beichner at 41 Fieldstone Place for $285,000.

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