Real Estate Transactions

December 19, 2018 Cranberry Living

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3 Pointe L.P. to Virginia Savolskis at 207 Adams Pointe 10 for $270,500.

Brian Cicco to Maverick Services LLC at 617 E. Village Green Blvd. for $232,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $464,000).

Christiana Trust trustee to James Shankel at 104 Hill Lane for $112,000.

TOA Adams Land L.P. to Daniel and Dina Unrath at 214 Patriots Way for $599,924.

TOA Adams Land L.P. to Walter and Kristen Meier at 217 Patriots Way for $592,345.

JAS Builders LLC to Brandon and Jamie McMurtrie at Stoup Road for $123,000.

John Keller to George Michael and Michelle Margaret Martini at 1502 Union Court for $385,000.

Camp Trees Partners to Robert and Bonnie Kriberney at 177 Camp Trees Drive for $632,000.

David Cook to Veronica Eisen at 183 Davidson Road for $660,000.

Robert Rath Jr. trustee to Joseph and Susan Grice at 204 Hutch Farm Lane for $935,000.

Rosemary Polito to Eric and Michele Baum at 8643 Lost Valley Drive for $235,500.

Mary Beth Truver to Michael and Catherine Bordt at 1163 Mars Evans City Road for $275,000.

Camp Trees Partners to Matthew and Lindsay Allanson at 252 Tamarack Drive for $713,625.


Carol Cartwright to Nathaniel and Christy Beers at 151 Main St. for $132,900.

Michael Dunbar to Jay and Lori Reynolds at 120 Kline Ave. for $21,000.


Matthew Durci to Gordon Keck at 1206 Evans City Road for $207,000.


Carolyn Maloney to Phyllis Donmoyer at 3062 Kensington Court for $240,000.

Sonoma Valley Partn. L.P. to Jordan and Krista Amigh at 123 Silver Oak Drive for $40,000.


SAI Real Estate LLC to Alyssa Kate St. Clair and Nathan Hayden at 426 Anna Marie Drive for $250,000.

Samuel Huff to Jessica Lapiana at 579 Brandywine Drive for $169,900.

John Berger to Nicholas and Rachel Nell at 119 Bucks Road for $254,500.

Gary Herp to R Legacy Family Farm LLC at 7717 Franklin Road for $424,000.

J Heintz Builders to Paul and Rebecca Mastarone at 117 Grindstone Place for $830,800.

Dan Shaw to Commander Investment Management Inc. at 102 Hampshire Drive for $292,100.

Bradley Shindle to National Residential Nominee Services In at 136 Oakview Drive for $440,000.

National Residential Nominee Services In to Joao and Danielle Goncalves at 136 Oakview Drive for $440,000.

Robert Jones to Brookfield Relocation Inc. at 85 Riva Ridge Drive for $487,100.

Nicholas Costanzo et al. to Daniel Storrs at 35 Roling Road for $214,000.

Forest Edge L.P. to James and Shelia Barbosa at 213 Timber Ridge Court for $180,000.

NVR Inc. to Robert and Amanda Himmler at 721 Truth Lane for $311,950.

David Brian Van Leer to Daniel and Monica Garrity at 170 Village Drive for $420,000.

Daniel Fisher to Dalton Shiring at 149 Wayne Drive for $217,500.

Eben Paslawski to Robert and Melann Markle at 408 Worth Court for $398,000.

Eugene Burke Jr. to unknown buyer at 248 Clearbrook Court for $190,000.

Michael Soohy to James and Jane Maruca at 204 Farmview Court for $378,000.


Reibold Assoc. Inc. to Maronda Homes Inc. at Kruger Circle for $52,500.

Maronda Homes Inc. to Erik Richard and Lydia Carver Frankford at 126 Kruger Circle for $367,037.


NVR Inc. to Cara and Michael McCarthy at 508 Audrey Court for $432,350.

Brookview Farms Dev L.P. to NVR Inc. at 106 Brookview Drive for $78,000.

NVR Inc. to Michael and Carol Soohy at 222 Camden Drive for $449,815.

Howard Kastle to Chad Plunkard at Harts Run and Lake Road for $14,000.


Scenic Ridge Partners to Sara and Kathy Lesovich at 2013 Southview Drive for $326,405.


Estate of Donald Levesque to Luke D’Amato at 1029 Norton Drive for $176,000.

Michael Scheid to Harry and Melissa Caldwell at 632 Stanton Ave. for $224,900.


Brian O’Malley to Emily Destefano and Zachariah Pfeifer at 196 Browns Hill Road for $228,000.

James Hilscher Jr. to Jonathan Read at 150 Dwellington Drive for $212,500.

Gigliotti Holdings L.P. to NVR Inc. at 5007 Hawkeye Drive for $93,233.

NWPA Property Dev L.P. to NVR Inc. at 2012 Ringgold Court for $92,000.

NVR Inc. to Eith and Philip Letherby at 4000 Weatherburn Drive for $501,905.


George Martini to Karesa and Matthew Rovnan at 7050 Franklin Road for $385,000.

Richard Madison to Marshall Todd and Maria Brooke Rein at 345 Warrick Drive for $340,000.


Robert Walters Jr. to Edward Boyle at 66 Sterrett St. for $84,000.

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