Real Estate Transactions

December 5, 2018 Cranberry Living

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Justin Shepler to Jeffrey Arnold at 285 Broadstone Drive for $238,000.

Cypress Fields to Micah and Lindsay Kelley at 8303 Clubside Drive for $185,000.

Cypress Fields to Liam and Jodi Brennan at 308 Dirkshire Court for $200,000.

Joseph Bauer Jr. to Breakneck Creek Regional Authority at Mars Evans City Road for $275,000.

David Rawlings to Gina Marie DeRose at 771 Norwegian Spruce Drive for $219,900.

Melanie Phillips to Conan Shaw at 2004 Pointe View Drive for $297,500.

Terrance Onufer to Eugene Morabito at 131 Raupp Lane for $387,500.

Daniel Thompson to Michael and Laura Orehowsky at 1479 Three Degree Road for $710,000.

Robert Hoey to Justin and Laura Jeffries at 713 Winter Pine Drive for $458,000.


Joseph Gregory et al. to Leslie Leopardi and Joshua Schapiro at 109 Middle Lane for $102,000.


Todd Wogan to Barry Corner and Claire Derby at 107 Cameron Square Drive for $289,000.


Beverly McKnight et al. to Travis Ziegler at 392 Kriess Road for $224,500.

Glenn Gates to George Forcec and Cynthia Dillon at 149 Silver Oak Drive for $359,900.


James McPhilomy Jr. to Jacek Kusinski and Elzbieta Kusinska at 434 Anna Maria Drive for $279,900.

Estate of Marjorie Horan to John Sigmund at 75 Ashford Drive for $15,000.

Glen Woodside L.P. to Maninder and Gurpreet Saron at 200 Brookside Drive for $564,400.

Glen Woodside L.P. to Michael Quinn at 218 Brookside Drive for $405,385.

Henry Jerpi to Daniel and Diane Rogers at 122 Bucks Road for $253,000.

NVR to David and Jennifer Madden at 174 Bucktail Drive for $456,505.

NVR to Anthony Marino and Tiffany Mayer at 178 Bucktail Drive for $377,615.

Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Nathan and Robin Woolridge at 309 Eagle Drive for $496,072.

Estate of Shirley Tomalewski to Nicole and Christopher Martin at 9647 Goehring Road for $285,000.

Susan Piotrowski to Deepak Ahuja at 210 Lafayette Drive for $225,000.

Scott Niday to American International Relocation Solutions at 328 Steeplechase Drive for $496,000.

American International Relocation Solutions to Christine Prince and Jeffrey Hertweck at 328 Steeplechase Drive for $496,000.

William Rice to Foxmoor Properties at Stockton Ridge for $12,500.

NVR to Jessica and Pierre Turcotte at 723 Truth Lane for $288,035.

NVR to Danielle and David McPherson at 725 Truth Lane for $301,280.

Yvonne Etter to Lori Macedonia at 1053 Wealdstone Road for $315,000.

Laura Hughes et al. to Mark and Nancy Musmanno at 353 Wealdstone Road for $234,512.


Estate of William Norris to Jeffrey and Lisa Gant at 119 Jefferson St. for $220,000.


John Paul Muska to Ryan Trugan at 118 Bolten Lane for $239,900.

Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Mary Limber Anderson at 112 Foxtail Court for $341,800.

NVR to Richard Jordan and Judith Baughman at 106 June Bug Drive for $329,070.

NVR to Russell and Leslie Smith at 108 Pauline Place for $418,830.


NVR to Victor and Brenda Peffer at 220 Camden Drive for $366,000.

Jackson Park Dev Assoc. to NVR at Rachel Drive for $77,664.


Scenic Ridge Partners to George and Marilyn Steigerwald at 2012 Southview Drive for $323,280.

Scenic Ridge Partners to Anthony and Laurie Caton at 2031 Southview Drive for $324,805.

Timothy Mickle to MT Lott LLC at 261 Swain Hill Road for $850,000.


NVR to Danny Huang and Erin Margaret Birsic at 1006 Adair Ave. for $299,000.

NVR to Laura and Timothy Wach at 2018 Bald Eagle Court for $364,035.

Peter J. Walker to Michael and Sandy Szudera at 2058 Blackerry Lane for $380,000.

Browns Hill Road Assoc. to NVR at Blackhawk Drive for $82,210.

NVR to Jordan Covvey and James Jopliin at 2004 Condor Drive for $406,835.

NVR to Wesley and Kaitlyn Panzer at 2017 Condor Drive for $372,900.

NVR to Debra Zeak at 3000 Humbolt Place for $395,280.

NVR to Christopher and Jenny Switala at 3029 Humbolt Place for $413,435.

NVR to Budi Susanto at 3032 Humbolt Place for $366,135.

Gigliotti Holdings to NVR at Pelican Drive for $78,000.

James Millson to Mill Creek Partners 2 at State Road for $1,600,000.

NVR to Wendy Pardee and Thomas Butterworth at 4027 Weatherburn Drive for $516,345.


Charles Cahall et al. to Alexandra and Matthew Springer at 506 W. New Castle St. for $200,900.

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