Adams Twp. police get license plate readers

December 5, 2018 Cranberry Local News

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ADAMS TWP — Township police have added a new high-tech tool to their crime-fighting arsenal: automatic license plate readers.

Supervisors approved the purchase of two plate readers, not to exceed $30,000, at their meeting Nov. 26.

The plate readers will be placed at the intersections of Route 228 and Mars-Valencia Road and Route 228 and Adams Ridge.

Police Chief Shawn Anglum said the devices will help in investigating crimes around the township.

“What these license plate reader cameras will do is capture not only an image of the license plate, it will store that data that is on that license plate: name, address,” Anglum said. “And it will take a picture of the vehicle. So, down the road we know who was in our township and they’ll help with investigating any crime we’ve had.”

For now, the readers will only take still images, and they will not be used for traffic violations, such as speeding or running a red light.

The system will automatically notify police of vehicles owned by those with warrants. Police can also review pictures after crimes to see if any vehicles match witness descriptions.

The readers will not be used for traffic violations.

The department hopes to continue adding readers over the next several years, Anglum said, and ultimately hopes to install readers in as many intersections with traffic lights as possible.

Finally, he said, the readers might act as an effective deterrent for those who know of their existence.

“I think they’ll be a great deterrent,” he said.

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