Mars addresses bed bugs, odor

October 3, 2018 Cranberry Local News

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MARS — Mars School District addressed some of the issues it found last week in a letter to parents Monday morning.

Over the weekend, the district took steps to address the bed bugs identified at Mars High School and the “foul, musty” odor reported at Mars Elementary School.

The high school was closed immediately after school dismissed Friday and remained closed throughout the weekend while extermination professionals treated the entire building for bed bugs.

The decision to treat the whole school rather than just Classroom 140 — the room in which the original bed bug was found — came after a second bed bug sighting Friday. District officials found one of the insects “several hundred feet” from the classroom, according to Superintendent Wesley Shipley.

Initial reports show the treatment was successful and no additional cases of bed bugs have been reported, according to the letter, which was signed by Shipley.

Mold abatement

Kress Construction, which is certified in the abatement of materials such as mold and organic waste, worked with the district's maintenance staff at the elementary school over the weekend as well.

The company opened several wall panels and removed additional insulation in the areas where the smell was reported. An abatement professional identified and removed some old bat guano and all areas were cleaned.

No evidence of active mold was found.

On Monday morning, the letter reported, it appeared as if the treatment efforts were successful.

“There is no evidence of the smell,” the letter said.

The district has scheduled a follow-up air quality test at the elementary school and will be testing the air quality in all of the district's school buildings as well.

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