County mistakenly gets boxes of birth control pills
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January 13, 2018
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Janet Bastin, internal auditor for the Butler County controller, goes through 34 boxes of birth control pills sent mistakenly to Ben Holland in the Butler County controller's office.

The county controller's office received a special delivery Monday meant to prevent special deliveries.

Controller Ben Holland said he had been in the commissioners' offices when he returned to his office at the county government building to find his co-worker, internal auditor Janet Bastin, going through a sizable box with a perplexed expression on her face.

A quick peek inside the box revealed 34 boxes of birth control pills, which Holland knew were not ordered by anyone at the county.

Holland, the father of a 4-month-old, took a pregnant pause.

“I thought, if this is someone's unkind way to suggest that my wife and I don't procreate, they're too late,” Holland said.

He said the only medical items the county orders are Narcan and drug testing kits.

“I wouldn't think that our human services department would be ordering this, because you need a prescription for them,” Holland said.

Bastin contacted the company that appeared on the packing paperwork, Smith Medical Partners of Illinois, and was told the pills were meant to go to a health department in Butler County, Mo.

When the medical supply company asked Bastin to inventory the shipment by counting and recording the lot numbers and expiration dates, Holland found that a bitter pill to swallow.

“I said 'We're not going to inventory them,'” Holland said. “We're not a warehouse.”

Holland called and told the company to send a new shipping label and his office would help their Missouri namesakes out by giving the box to the UPS driver who stops at the county building.

The label arrived Tuesday and the pills are on their way to the expectant health department director in Missouri.

Holland has no idea why, of the seven Butler Counties in the United States, the birth control pills were mistakenly sent to the one in Pennsylvania.

“We don't have a health department,” Holland said.

He admitted the unusual delivery made his day Monday.

“It was definitely a surprising package and worth a laugh or two,” Holland said.