Thunder Ducks capture crown
Flag football team wins Alameda Park league title
Eagle Staff Writer
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December 2, 2017

The Thunder Ducks continue to fly high.

The coed flag football team — named after the Mighty Ducks hockey team in the movie — recently won their sixth successive Alameda Park league championship. The Thunder Ducks defeated Team Gibler, 29-22, in the title game of the 10-team circuit.

“That league is getting more and more competitive,” Thunder Ducks coach and quarterback Ryan Good said. “We lost a couple of games this year and were close in some of our wins.”

Entering this season, the Thunder Ducks had lost only one game total in the previous four seasons. They’ve lost five games total during their six-year title run.

Regular season losses this season were 12-6 to Team Gibler and 46-25 to the Dream Killers. The team was 10-2 overall this season.

“We don’t practice and we have no set plays,” middle linebacker-wide receiver Beriah Good said. “We show up on Sundays and just play.

“Our receivers know how to get open and Ryan is crazy good at quarterback. He can roll right, turn and throw across his body to the left.

“We make a lot of plays work that way.”

The Good brothers are among a handful of players who have been with the Thunder Ducks for all six championship seasons. Others include Cassie Williams, Chris Cole, Brandon Fulton and Zack Manuel.

Others on the 15-player roster are Demetrius Lockley, Matt Cole, Tyler Cranmer, Jariot Spicer, Bethany Ferrari-Miller, Bethany Meyer, Ashlee Gallagher, Heather Davis and Casey Fleeger.

Games consist of two 20-minutes halves. The Thunder Ducks shut out four opponents this year and scored as many as 88 points in one game.

A team fields seven players at one time and two women must be among them. That’s no problem with this team.

“All of our females are very athletic,” Chris Cole said. “We’re comfortable putting more than two out there at one time.”

Miller, 32, played softball and soccer at Meadville High School and rugby at Slippery Rock University. Davis played basketball at Waynesburg University.

“Our girls are incredible,” Beriah Good said. “We count on them to make plays and they do. Ryan doesn’t just loft them the ball. He zips it in there and they catch it.”

Beriah Good makes his share of plays as well.

“He’s usually good for one pick-six per game,” Ryan Good said. “He’s always leading in interceptions.”

Chris Cole and Miller are the team’s “blitzers.” They can pressure the quarterback, but are not allowed to use their hands to fend off blockers.

“A lot of that skill is speed, being able to get around them,” Cole said. “You can make contact with your chest, but no hands. There is an art to it that we’ve gotten down.”

And Beriah Good takes advantage of it.

“I’m usually good at reading the quarterback’s eyes and can move to the right or left,” he said of his interceptions.

The Thunder Ducks aren’t through playing just yet. They will compete in the new YMCA league that begins play at Armco Park in February.

“The chemistry on this team is unreal,” Ryan Good said. “We’re all good friends and we know what each other is going to do on the field. We hang out together all the time.”

They welcome more teams into the Alameda League as well.

“The more competitive the league is, the more we like it ... It’s better for everybody,” Ryan Good said. “The league has been growing and I hope it continues to grow.”