Haine Middle School kicks off anti-bullying program

October 6, 2017 Cranberry Eblast Only

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Haine bullying program: The StrandTastics performed for students at Haine Middle School.

CRANBERRY TWP — Haine Middle School kicked off its annual anti-bullying program with some special guests.

The StrandTastics, a youth show choir, performed a show developed specifically to show the effects of bullying and to empower adolescents Sept. 29 at the Olweus Bullying Prevention program kick-off event.

Haine hosts an event at the beginning of each year to launch the Olweus program to create a “positive and inclusive school environment that students take ownership throughout the school year,” said Cassandra Doggrell, Haine Middle School principal.

The Olweus Bully Prevention program helps students know how to respond when someone is being bullied and how to prevent bullying, said Jeffrey Roberts, district supervisor of gifted education and student services.

A full report will appear in the Cranberry Eagle.

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