Real Estate Transactions

September 13, 2017 Cranberry Local News

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Shawn Davis to BGRS at 912 Big Bear Court for $508,500.

BGRS to Anthony DeMaio at 912 Big Bear Court for $508,500.

Catherine Crawford to Timothy Althof trustee at 141 Carriage Hill Drive for $1,550,000.

Gloria Kleinhample to LSF9 Master Participation Tr. at 107 DiCicco Lane for $1,530.

Colin Gray to Kaustubh Misra and Mansi David at 209 Far View Lane for $399,900.

NVR to Sara Soisson and Eric Preston Meredith at 234 Far View Lane for $405,525.

Mark Dietrick to Eric and Annette Heller at 259 Forsythe Road for $213,500.

Steven Walters to Douglas and Cheryl Knoch at 102 Greenview Court for $685,000.

Sean Ross to Shane and Marisa Jakubovic at 313 Hill Farm Lane for $390,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $774,250).

Brennan Builders to Daniel Snyder at 503 Lakeview Court for $223,400.

Brennan Builders to Alan and Lisa Bergman at 4102 Lilly Vue Court for $435,000.

Jeffrey Paul to Kaushik Divya and Amit Raj Dua at 405 Pointe View Drive for $250,000.

Deklewa Homes Adams Realty to Sam Edward and Julie Kay Biasucci at 4403 Senate Court for $445,000.


Mary Jo Iachini to Katelyn Zavora and Ian Bain at 224 Main St. Extension for $229,900.


Douglas Auvil to Reuben and Gretchen Pink at Main Street for $67,500.


Leeper Family Revocable Trust to Carl Weakland and Karen Thiebaud at 120 Walters Lane for $390,000.


Justin Leadmon to Richard Lentner and Amy Sullivan at 408 Anna Marie Drive for $257,450.

Amy Adamson Bresch to David Celko and Marisa Satira at 157 Autumn Hill Drive for $339,000.

Lori J. Slagle Roxbury to Brittanie Scanlon at 103 Bellwood Court for $143,000.

Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Timothy and Bettina Senrud at 101 Birdie Drive for $455,594.

Daniel Reed to Brian and Colleen Fulkerson at 607 Bittersweet Court for $349,900.

Todd Slack to Jesus E. Ramos Magana and Jazmin P. Gurrola Silva at 14 Bradley Court for $315,000.

Conrad Ruehrshneck to Gregory and Beth Durban at 118 Bucks Road for $140,000.

NVR to Benjamin and Jenna Maxson at 215 Bucktail Drive for $470,105.

Michael Hernandez to Weichert Workforce Mobility at 218 Cashmere Court for $560,000.

Weichert Workforce Mobility to Joshua and Allison Karakis at 218 Cashmere Court for $560,000.

William Chen to Douglas and Tari Deiss at 117 Cherrington Drive for $415,000.

Joseph Tumolo Jr. to Megan and Jason Long at 528 Greenspire Court for $240,000.

Daniel Sheppeck to Matthew and Kristen DeMarco at 645 Huntington Drive for $301,500.

Dwight Eric Lisle to Cartus Financial Corp. at 101 Lewisham Road for $254,605.

Richard Copp to Leslie Porter at 121 Oakview Drive for $550,000.

Charter Homes Woodside to Chrystiane Junquiera at 154 Overbrook Drive for $566,550.

Dale Currier to Theodore and Lilian Lutz at 208 Sherwood Drive for $161,000.

Infinity Custom Homes to Nevin Edwards Jr. and Kelly Edwards at 404 Sparrow Court for $563,466.

Scott Dohn to Michael Nelsen at 109 Stockton Ridge for $142,000.

Dan Carinci to Tara Leisie and Dianne Todd at 811 Stockton Ridge for $185,000.

Michael Miller to Brian and Jolene Thompson at 506 Sword Dance Place for $539,900.

Lucille Hillis to Danny Everetts and Cindy Matunis at Washington Street for $10,795.

Richard McMaster to David and Frances Hawbaker at 225 Whispering Oaks Drive for $452,000.


Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Howard and Kari Zeigler at 105 Foxtail Court for $405,370.

Reibold Assoc. to Maronda Homes at 179 Kruger Circle for $105,000.

Estate of Elanora Marburger to Broad Street Funding Trust at 121 Old Route 68 for $78,128 by sheriff’s deed.


John Jacobs to Timothy and Rhonda Eppinger at 763 Spring St. for $73,000.


James Lee Knapp to Daniel and Maria Hepler at 108 Country lane for $107,500.

Jackson Park Development Assoc. to NVR at 413 Isabella Court for $74,117.

Cherie Rader to Neville Properties at 224 Lindsay Road for $200,000.


John Kovacic to Virginia Volker at Scott Ridge Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $2,778).

Andrew Sakelyhidi to Jennifer Mary and Scott Dennis Stewart at 61 Scott Ridge Road for $165,000.

Virginia Volker to John and Katie Kovacic at Woodland Way for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $2,778).


Raymond Power to Power Holdings at 109 Crowe Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $615,024).

Erika Shamey to CA Batis Real Estate at 118 Grand Ave. for $174,900.


Gigliotti Holdings to NVR at Denny Road for $93,233.

Albert Yaksic to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB Tr. at 185 Leslie Road for $1,469 by sheriff’s deed.

Robert Lynch to Terry Levee at 103 McDonnell Lane for $539,000.

John Herold to Albert Hribik Jr. at 220 W. Cruikshank Road for $395,000.

NVR to Daniel and Amy Liane Wissiner McCauley at 1006 Weatherburn Drive for $351,190.

NVR to David and Patricia Barlett at 1000 Blackhawk Drive for $357,500.

Darrin Smith to Cartus Financial Corp. at 2012 Eagle Ridge Drive for $431,000.

Cartus Financial Corp. to Cameron and Nicole Martin at 2012 Eagle Ridge Drive for $431,000.

Charles Revoir et al. to Terrel and Chris Mayse at 6322 Old Route 8 for $63,000.

Marjorie Pmack to Mark and Joell McMonigal at 261 Steiner Bridge Road for $330,000.


Thomas Cerafici to Sharman Beth Atwood at 357 Warrick Drive for $315,000.

Cynthia Hill to Golden & Golden at 161 Woodhaven Drive for $143,000.

Brock Bergman to Anthony Joseph Zambanini at 337 Warrick Drive for $301,000.

Corinne Farbacher trustee to J. Richard and A. Phyllis Boyce at 711 Wilshire Circle for $214,844.


Menrath White to Shawn Greenlief at 220 E. Grandview Ave. for $225,000.

George Eugene Rader trustee to Cheri Rader trustee at 323 Maiden Lane for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $149,178).

Lorraine Ehrhart et al. to James Carver at McKim Street for $25,000.

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