Highlands course to get upgrades
September 9, 2017
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Cranberry Highlands Golf Course will undergo renovations for the first time since it was constructed in 2001. First up for updates will be the clubhouse.

CRANBERRY TWP — The Cranberry Highlands Golf Course will see some renovations for the first time since it was built in 2001. First on the list are some upgrades in the clubhouse.

The township board of supervisors approved the purchase of a new audio-visual system for the clubhouse from Horizon Information Services for $55,269 during its Aug. 31 meeting.

The existing system is original to the facility. The new system will be centralized to coordinate sound and visual media throughout the indoor and outdoor facilities. It will have a touch-screen display similar to the system in the Franklin Room at the Cranberry Public Library.

Jason Kratsas, director of engineering and environmental services, presented the rest of the plans for the golf course and clubhouse upgrades at the Aug. 31 supervisors' meeting.

He said additionally they want to replace the 16-year-old carpet, install a permanent dance floor, and replace worn drop ceiling tiles at the clubhouse.

“In the banquet business, Brenda Kerr, banquet coordinator, is getting more business and they want it all updated,” said Jerry Andree, township manager.

The clubhouse has hosted more than 750,000 guests since it was built in 2001.

They're also going to reconfigure the Pro Shop cabinetry by making the front desk smaller to add more retail space, Kratsas said.

Outside the clubhouse many projects are planned as well.

First is to refresh the golf course entrance by cleaning the sign and doing some landscaping. The parking lot will have trees removed, mulch will be replaced with stone, and hedge rows will be created. The parking lot also needs some drainage work and resurfacing.

Some select trees will be removed at holes 13 and 15 to allow for better air flow to keep the ground dry. Kratsas said this project was discussed last year but the ground never froze sufficiently over the winter to allow equipment to be moved in.

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At Cranberry Highlands Golf Course, Matt Krepp is assistant superintendent and Dave Barber is superintendent. The golf course will get a new audio-visual system for the clubhouse as well as other indoor and outdoor updates.

The cart path that runs through the golf course needs to be repaired and resurfaced.

The irrigation pumps are reaching the end of their life cycle, so they will soon need to be replaced, Kratsas said.

Most of the projects are planned to be completed this fall, winter and into the spring of 2018.

Some of the work will be done in-house, like the landscaping at the front entrance and drainage. Tree removal work and resurfacing will be contracted out.

Kratsas said the golf carts are also reaching the end of their life cycle. It will cost about $325,000 to replace them, and the township will receive a trade-in value from the old carts.