Zelienople joins emergency unit
Eagle Staff Writer
Written by:
By Caleb Harshberger
August 9, 2017

ZELIENOPLE — The borough has joined other municipalities to support the formation of the Butler County Emergency Service Unit.

Borough council recently approved a mutual aid agreement with the unit.

The unit will be trained and tasked with the hazardous situations such as barricaded gunmen, hostage situations, school violence and other emergencies.

Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger began forming the unit earlier this year to deal with sensitive situations and minimize delays.

“Almost like SWAT,” he told the Butler Eagle in February.

Butler County currently has to wait for a SWAT unit to arrive from Pittsburgh for certain emergency situations.

Officers in the unit will still be paid by their municipal departments.

Under the mutual aid agreement, Zelienople police officers will be eligible to volunteer to join the unit if they so choose.

The Pennsylvania Region 13 All Hazards and Counter Terrorism Task Force has agreed to provide $21,000 for training costs.

The county will provide workers’ compensation coverage for participating officers during training and incidents.