15 years pass
Mother remains intent on finding person responsible for son's death
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July 16, 2017
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FORWARD TWP — While the rough edges of heartbreak have smoothed slightly in 15 years, Ailive Rausch is as intent on identifying the person responsible for her son's death as she was on July 17, 2002.

Rausch's son, Scott Fosnaught and his friend Shawn Baur, both 15, were found on Cashdollar Road in the early morning hours on that date.

Fosnaught already was dead of upper body injuries. Baur was found alive near Fosnaught, but he died later of head injuries.

The pair of Seneca Valley classmates had been at a gathering at a friend's home before spending the evening at a nearby pond. They were apparently walking to Baur's home on Watters Station Road when injured.

A motorist spotted the boys on the road and called 911.

Police at the time of the incident thought the boys may have been hit by a car that fled the scene. However, no evidence at the scene pointed to a vehicle strike causing Fosnaught's upper body injuries or Baur's head wounds.

The thought that someone has gotten away with the crime that has deprived her son of turning 31 on July 25 has haunted Rausch, who has since remarried and moved to Moon Township, Allegheny County.

While her one grandchild and 11 step-grandchildren keep her busy these days, Rausch said she never stopped asking her son to tell her who is responsible for his murder.

She feels she got the answer last July as she sat in her living room talking to Scott.

“This is going to sound weird,” said Rausch, “but everything just came rushing into my head. I saw everything (that happened that night).”

The person she saw in her vision causing her son's injuries lives on a road in the vicinity of the area where the boys were found, and she knows him.

“It really scared me,” she said of the unusual vision. “There was no stopping it.”

To make the instance even more eerie, psychics Suzanne and Jean Vincent, who were contacted by Rausch after the vision, gave her the initials of the person responsible for Scott's death, and they match those of the person in the vision.

Rausch wants the state police to relaunch a new investigation, and begin by interviewing the person in her vision. But she is unsure if the police will cooperate, given the unusual lead.

“I saw my son hit by a vehicle and Shawn was hit on the head with an object,” Rausch said of the vision.

The state police trooper in charge of the cold case was not available on Friday.

Rausch said a candlelight vigil will be held at 6 p.m. on Cashdollar Road on Monday night to mark the 15th anniversary of the boys' deaths and to remember their lives.

Her goal in holding the vigil also is to kick up awareness of the deaths so that someone who has information will call the state police.

“This isn't going away no matter how many years it's been,” Rausch said.

The Vincents will visit Cashdollar Road on Monday as they did for the Baur family five years ago, but this time Rausch will provide them with an article of Scott's clothing.

Suzanne Vincent also feels anyone who is ill needs to divulge information before it's too late.

“This (vigil) may be the push they need to say 'I know what happened to Scott and Shawn,'” Vincent said.

Rausch described her son as very outgoing, funny, friendly and nonconfrontational.

“It's very sad that it's been 15 years with no answers,” Rausch said.

Anyone with information on the deaths of Scott Fosnaught and Shawn Baur, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, should call the state police at 724-284-8100.