Council OKs color; park plans advance
Eagle Staff Writer
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By Caleb Harshberger
July 12, 2017

Don’t call it cranberry. The Zelienople Borough Council met yesterday, approving motions to color new benches burgundy and finalized designs and a new location for the skate park.

The council also approved a $500 donation to the Country Fall Festival.

Benches and wastebaskets

The council revisited the colors after hearing from borough residents.

“I got some feedback from one of our pillars of our community,” said borough council member Gregg Semel. “He asked us to reconsider the colors of the benches.

The person, who preferred to remain nameless, recommended that the benches be colored burgundy to match others in the community. The council approved this motion, adding that the wastebaskets should match as well.

The lightposts will remain black.

“I think the contrast could be nice,” borough manager Don Pepe said.

The rest of the council agreed.

Skate Park

The new planned location for the Zelienople Skate Park is in the community park, across from the pool.

Baseball fields and tennis courts will be unaffected.

“We’ve been working closely with the folks with the ballpark,” skate park committee member Jeff Barkley said.

The approved location and design can accommodate the whole design without having to break up the construction into phases or require expanding further into the park’s property.

“Right now we’re looking at the full scale,” said Barkley. “The space allows for 100 percent of the build.”

When dealing with concrete skate parks, pouring in stages can lead to consequences like lips and even surfaces.

The skate park will also be installing parking spaces, and a storage shed will have to be moved to accommodate the shed.

The skate park is designed with skaters and riders of all experiences in mind.

The park committee has yet to set a precise construction date, but expects to being within a couple years.