Summer is the time to think about feet

June 24, 2017 Cranberry Local News

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Dr. Christina Teimouri, a podiatrist at the Beaver Valley Foot Clinic in CranMar Plaza, says certain foot issues crop up during the summer.

CRANBERRY TWP — Summer is the time when pretty feet make their appearance, but several foot issues also can crop up.

Dr. Christina Teimouri, a podiatrist at the Beaver Valley Foot Clinic in CranMar Plaza, said a number of issues can appear in the summer and all year round.

Plantar warts are one issue Teimouri sees frequently in the summer.

She said the record for her foot clinic is 96 plantar warts on a pair of feet. She said plantar warts are extremely contagious and can be picked up at pools, in locker rooms, or anywhere people walk around in bare feet.

“Someone will be in a hotel room, and a few weeks later they see a dot on the bottom of their foot and it starts to grow,” Teimouri said.

Her clinic uses a laser in a painless procedure to remove the warts in one visit for a mild case, and a few visits for a more severe outbreak.

Complications from pedicures are also frequently seen at the foot clinic, Teimouri said.

“A lot of people are picking up fungus with pedicures,” she said.

Teimouri recommends that customers look at the condition of the whirlpool bowls and the general cleanliness of a nail salon or whether tools are soaking in disinfectant before selecting a salon for a pedicure.

Salon nail technicians sometimes dig too hard to clean under the nail, injecting germs that become an infection or fungal situation.

Tools that are improperly cleaned also can be the culprit, Teimouri said.

Special tools, including a laser, are used at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic to rid a foot of fungus. The laser kills the fungus in one treatment.

“It goes through the nail without harming it and kills the fungal hyphae that live under the nail,” Teimouri said.

She also offers topical treatment for fungus, but does not recommend any oral treatment because of potential side effects.

While 95 percent of infections are fungal in origin, some turn out to be mold, yeast or psoriasis, Teimouri said.

Nail polish also can be the culprit for a case of fungus, Teimouri said, because polish can trap and seal in moisture on the toenail.

Temouri offers options to the perils of a pedicure.

“We have antifungal nail polish in fun colors,” Teimouri said.

She said she also has the only foot clinic in Western Pennsylvania that offers artificial toenails that are antifungal.

“You can custom paint them and treat them like your own nail,” Teimouri said.

She said instead of acrylic, the artificial toenails are made of nonporous resin and seal to the nail. Many customers have an artificial nail applied because they have a deformed or misshapen toe.

Other issues Teimouri sees in the summer and all year round are plantar fasciitis and stress fractures.

Anyone can get plantar fasciitis, Teimouri said, not just those whose jobs require them to be on their feet for much of the day.

She said wearing the wrong shoes, weight gain, additional exercise and other factors can bring on a case of plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of the foot and connects the heel bone to the toes.

Beaver Valley Foot Clinic offers 10 options for plantar fasciitis, none of which includes surgery.

“We’ve been able to save every single patient since 2002 from having surgery,” Teimouri said. “I don’t recommend the surgery at all.”

A main source of treatment for plantar fasciitis, Teimouri said, is shock wave treatment. She said it promotes the correct healing of the condition and rids the foot of chronic inflammation.

“Patients can get back on their feet, pain free, usually the next day,” Teimouri said. “One patient had (plantar fasciitis) for 35 years, and got rid of it with shock wave treatment.”

Teimouri also offers custom-made orthotics for certain types of plantar fasciitis.

Other services Teimouri and her staff offer for summer feet include hair removal and tattoo removal with a special laser that takes half the time of traditional tattoo-removal lasers.

More information on the services provided by Beaver Valley Foot Clinic is available at or by calling 1-878-313-FEET (3338).

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