Smith, others speak during Tea Party rally
Event held in Cranberry
Butler Eagle
Written by:
Kelly B. Garrett
May 2, 2012
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U.S. Senate candidate Tom Smith of Armstrong County talks with Tea Party supporter Russ Hall of New Castle at a rally in Cranberry Township on Friday.

CRANBERRY TWP — A little more than 100 people braved Friday's chilly winds to hear leaders of the Tea Party Express at a stop in North Boundary Park.

While one speaker said Friday's stop was the start of the party's sixth bus tour across the nation, another pointed out the Tea Party only has been in existence for a little more than three years.

The highlight of the rally was hearing from Tom Smith, who won the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic Sen. Bob Casey in November.

Amy Kremer, chairman of the Tea Party Express, officially endorsed Smith, saying, “He is a man who holds our same values.”

Smith asked members of the crowd if they were happy with President Obama, with “Obamacare” as he and others called the health care reform act, and if they “think the country is going in the right direction?”

The audience shouted, “No,” to every question.

Smith said he would out- work Casey and “bring him home to relearn his Pennsylvania values.”

Speakers included Howard Kaloogian, chairman of Our Country Deserves Better PAC, and a professor at Hillsdale College, who said the president wants to “make cars run on algae,” and Patti Weaver, organizer and head of the Pittsburgh Tea Party.

She compared Obama to the Nazi reign in Europe during World War II, that is now “an evil in this country that you are standing up to.”

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Senate candidate Tom Smith of Armstrong County speaks at a Tea Party rally Friday in Cranberry Township. Despite bad weather, the event at North Boundary Park drew 100 people.

Weaver also said, “(Obama) wants the country to fail.”

Dan Przybylek of Buffalo Township, said he came to the rally because he believes, “this November's election will determine the future of this country.

“There are two paths this country can take,” Przybylek said. “We can go down the path to opportunity and growth, or we can go down the path of dependence.”

Carol and John Brinjak of Shaler agree.

“We have to get Obama out of the White House. We don't care who (becomes president). Any Republican will do,” Carol said.

Russ Hall of New Castle has a long list of things he hopes the Tea Party will be able to accomplish with this coming general election.

“We must return this country to the Constitution, get rid of the nanny state, repeal Obamacare, reduce taxes, create jobs and reduce the size of the federal government, just off the top of my head,” Hall said.