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Pittsburgh Current Presents; Repeal Day


Date: December 05, 2019
Location: Max's Allegheny Tavern - 537 Suismon Street, Pittsburgh, PA
Time: 7:00PM-7:00PM

We are excited to announce that the Pittsburgh Current will be hosting their first Repeal Day Party on December 5th, 2019 in honor of the original repeal date on December 5th, 1933. This was the day that Prohibition, otherwise known as the Great Experiment, ended and America was free to consume alcohol once again. We want to make this a day that people recognize and celebrate by hosting the best cocktail party of the year! We take our inspiration from the cocktails that were lost to the great music that came out of that period, to the iconic clothing worn during, and the mixed bar culture that resulted from Prohibition.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/417631285543769/

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