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Higher price, less product

January 15, 2021 Letters to the Editor

I am writing about the new trash service for the city of Butler.

I received a letter from Vogel Disposal Service for all residents. (But some don’t live here year-round).

I reviewed my closing documents when I purchased my home, and nowhere does it state that trash service is mandatory as a homeowner.

How can the city and/or Vogel justify a 15% increase in service in the next five years? In the information sent, here are the projected rates that show steady increase: 2021, $20.55 monthly; 2022, $21.16 monthly, an increase of 2.9%; 2023, $21.80 monthly, an increase of 3.1%; 2024, $22.68 monthly, an increase of 3.8%; and in 2025, $23.59 monthly, an increase of 4%.

From the start of the contract to the expiration on the fifth year, the rate increases $3.04 or 15%.

Not only does the rate increase every year, services are slashed. For example: bulky or large items, quoted straight from the letter: “One (1) bulk waste item per month may be placed out for collection on the first collection day of each month.” With Waste Management, it was a collection per week. And let’s not forget you can’t put out the following items: large building materials, refuse caused by repairs, paving materials, 55-gallon drums, tires, TVs, electronics, paint, pesticides, car parts and more.

The situation is akin to messing with My Fruit Loops by raising the price and making the box smaller.

Daniel Stutz,