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Leave hallowed halls of democracy

January 15, 2021 Letters to the Editor

What a hypocrite!

Page 1 of the Jan. 8 edition shows Butler’s most prolific lawsuit filer, Rep. Mike Kelly, wildly gesturing, pointing fingers every direction except toward himself as he expounds on the House floor about how “wrong” the takeover of the U.S. Capital was by citizens stirred to action by his very own relentless, misguided efforts to negate the votes of his constituents for Trump’s opponent, the ultimate victor, President-elect Joe Biden.

What didn’t you understand, Mr. Kelly? That your ridiculous assertion that Trump supporters should feel “wronged” by their loss would lead to the fervor of justification in trying to overturn the U.S. democratic system’s free and fair elections and the peaceful transfer of power?

That elections are only fair if your side wins? That you have a right to condemn the actions of those who seek to further the aims of the cause you initiated, perhaps even instigated?

For shame, Mr. Kelly! You should take yourself away from those hallowed halls of democracy so soiled by the fruits of your example before a way is found to hold you responsible for instigating a revolution and throw your hypocritical bones into a federal prison.

Resign, you hypocrite!

Douglas Horner,