Harmony mayor proposes development partnership

August 7, 2019 Cranberry Local News

HARMONY — Toward the end of a meeting Tuesday night, Mayor Cathy Rape proposed creating a partnership with Zelienople and Jackson and Lancaster townships to make new developments more friendly to stormwater management best practices.

“(It would be) to get our heads together and say, ‘Let’s do things smarter,’” she said. “Instead of just retention ponds, how about a green way of putting in driveways and sidewalks and keeping trees?”

Rape said that while the bulk of recent development has been in Jackson, Harmony has borne the brunt of much of the runoff.

One possibility she suggested was to build a retention pond in the area of Porters Cove, just east of the borough.

“I know that’s Jackson property, but we need to work together and I would like to see if they would be willing to do that,” Rape said.

While her proposal did not gather any official traction, it’s no secret that Harmony has recently had to deal with flooding, and Tuesday night’s meeting was no exception.

In two separate instances, borough council appropriated funds or accepted outside aid to fix drainage systems.

The Western Butler County Authority agreed to provide Indian Brave Campground off Route 19 with spring-loaded caps for drains in low-lying areas. Work will begin in the fall.

Within the borough, council agreed to spend approximately $3,000 to replace three aging, damaged or otherwise ineffective catch basins.

“You have $3,000 to start,” Councilman Don Simms told Frank Grannon, director of operations. “We’ll get you some more.”