Zelienople businessman set a 'silver' standard

July 10, 2019 Cranberry Local News

Mac McCrory and his dog, Duchess, greeted customers who visited The Silversmith Shop in Zelienople in 2010. Both have since died. McCrory is remembered for his handcrafted silver jewelry and his community service.

Fombell resident Mac McCrory was an electrician by trade and a silversmith by passion. Some might say he set a “silver” standard for service and storytelling.

According to his wife of 40 years, Christine, and their friend of 26 years, Stacie Lowery, he left trace elements of both behind when he died June 27.

“He loved to tell stories and jokes,” his wife said.

Lowery added, “He really enjoyed meeting all the people who came into his shop.”

The McCrorys moved to the area in 1978, and Mac opened The Silversmith Shop on Main Street in Zelienople in 2001. Although he'd been designing and crafting jewelry for years, it was the first time he forged a smithing business. Opening his own shop gave him opportunity and flexibility — opportunity to meet knew people and flexibility to bring his pet dogs to work. Dale Evans — the McCrorys' rescued Keeshond — manned the shop with Mac in recent months.

“He loved doing it,” Christine said, adding that Mac was both owner and employee. “Day in and day out. Tuesday through Saturday, it was him running that shop.”

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