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Volunteers look to get community prepared

July 3, 2017 Digital Media Exclusive

Rich Wilson, state vice president of operations for Pennsylvania Volunteers.

A new Butler County nonprofit corporation is looking for volunteers to help during emergencies.

Pennsylvania Volunteers Inc. is part of the Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster. It will work with the American Red Cross, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, among others.

Pennsylvania is one of the few states that do not have a pool of volunteers available for disasters, said Rich Wilson of Center Township, the state vice president of operations for Pennsylvania Volunteers.

“This is going to be the benchmark in Western Pennsylvania,” he said.

Wilson, a retired Zelienople police officer, said there are many areas in which volunteers can support emergency services during a disaster, including finding places where children, elderly, disabled and pets can go.

In addition to emergency response, volunteers also will be involved with neighborhood watches and educating people on home preparedness.

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